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  1. I want to use 1 value ($surname='surname') to generate a unique number including the surname within the number. for example SURNAME123456789. And then to store this number in the database but checking that it doesnt exsist, but if id did to generate another. Not that it would generate two identical numbers of this length.Any ideas or suggestions. I am using php and mysql. Thanks.
  2. does your friend have a good knowledge of php and mysql...easy to create a basic one....i can show you how if you are interested, and are familiar with both..also the hosting company must provide php and mysql otherwise you will have to use one where they store the data for you...
  3. When i send an email message using php my mail box displays the whole address of my hosting company. How can i just display the name and not the whole address....any ideas...
  4. i need some help....i have a select drop down box, and instead of putting the values in like:<option value="bla bla">bla bla</option>doest anyone know how i can look the values up from a seperate file or script or something.....maybe a txt fileThanks if you can help...
  5. reggie

    hiding ahref links

    Hello,I am trying to find a way of hiding the address from the address bar...example: < ahref="member.php">click here to sign in</a>the address bar shows www.address.com/member.phpcan i hide the member.php part....Thanx
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