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  1. I'm new to the W3Schools site and I noticed that there are responsive templates for free use. They look pretty nice and are great examples to review for learning purposes. However, unless I missed it, there seem to be no links to download any of these templates. I can do a view-page-source to copy the code, and any associated items referenced, but that could result in incomplete downloads, and it seems there should be a better way. If this issue is addressed elsewhere please advise. Thanks!
  2. Yikes: Technically speaking there should only be 1 global.asa file for a website. Actually however, you can have "nested virtual roots" (refer to: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/173307 for info) that contain their own global.asa files but that can really complicate the entire issue. So, in theory, yes, you can have multiple global.asa files but I would stay away from any site structure like that because of the issues it poses. Question 1) It depends on how you've set up your site (and also how you've defined it in IIS assuming you have admin ability to access the IIS server) but generally
  3. Thanks Moderator, that seems to be a big improvement !
  4. ASPete

    Advantages ......?

    My personal opinion is to stay away from flash video (.FLV video files) - and I emphasize "flash video" as opposed to flash which is a programming environment - for three main reasons: 1) Flash video requires the flash player and the flash player is not usable on iOS devices such as the iPAD, iPHONE - if those devices matter to you - and they should because they are becoming more and more ubiquitous. 2) The flash player can, with version 9.3 or greater I believe, play MP4 video (that's also know as AVCHD/H.264). So, in cases where you need to provide video that can play on both regular des
  5. Don't know if this is doable with this version of Forum software but I'd like to suggest that the link shown as "W3Schools.com" that appears from within the forum's menu (i.e. W3Schools.com Forums Members Calendar) work as a "target="_blank". Currently if you click the W3Schools.com link form within the forum it takes you to the main W3School.com home page within the same context window, i.e. you loose the forum window (not the connection into it). Although you can always click the Forum link at the bottom of the main site's pages, that can be inconvenient because it does not keep your cu
  6. You didn't say what version of Windows you're using: Try going into Control Panel and selecting Add/Remove programs but then look for Add/Remove Windows Features. In the Add/Remove Windows features dialog (or window) will be shown a list of items (services, etc) IIS should be listed if you version of Windows has IIS as part of its features that can be activated/deactivated.
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