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  1. Under <head> section is the good practice...
  2. Hey, There is no width at all, I just given background images for <header> tag.
  3. Hi, Can you please help me any one. Problem: I've given background image for the div with repeat-x to show 100% in browser. But when I reisze the browser, horizantal scrollbar will displays in bottom of the browser. When I scroll the horizantal scroll bar the background image not repeating it stoped some position. I don't know why I tried background-size in css3, still not working also I've attached image you can refer that for good understand Is it possible to fix, How? Please tell me anyone with your solutions.
  4. Simple Answser: Wherever you want the text in center, to that give the width and text align center for the div and remove float value. It will work find. Ex: .classname {width:200px;text-align:center;}
  5. W3schools is the best way to learn web technologies..
  6. Hi, What is main difference between window.document.getElementById and document.getElementById? Could you please anyone reply it?
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