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  1. Sweet! Thanks Dan!I also found some code that someone wrote on the php.net website under the settype function. It converts strings to integers, but I'll use this 'official' function heh.
  2. Oh I didn't realize you can cast in PHP lol. Anyway what I mean is to convert a str to a literal integer. So for example:$str = "123";$num = somefunction($str); //parse the string literal into an integer.$num = 123 I'm not sure what this fuction does, I read the examples but did't really understand it heh.
  3. For example the Integer.parse(String str), in java, which turns a string into a number. I can't seem to find one, so I'm wondering if there even is one.
  4. Hey guys, thanks for all the helpful information, that was basically what I was trying to do Paim! It's great that there is something as useful as this, I guess the hard part is learning PHP haha. I'll also be sure to check out that XML tutorial Skemcin, thanks again guys.
  5. Kerudo

    Where are you?

    Cool, never knew something like this existed. So this is a google tool? Or affiliated with google?
  6. My question is how do I generate web pages because one thing that really annoys me is having to go into each and every page and change something in it or change the name or the link, etc. For example, I've been doing a photo album type website for me and my friends to view pictures, and it is very tedious to edit over and over when one of my friends views the site and says, "Oh I don't like that picture, please take it off." Thus I have to go into each web page and change the link, the number (yeah they are numbered, Is this the cause of my annoyance?) or change the name of the file. So I was wondering if there was a way to just be able to create it once and then if I really need to change something, I just gotta add or remove some line of code like in program. I am an amateur web designer and do it as a hobby. I have a good amount of HTML knowledge, a bit of JavaScript, and I know the Java programming language pretty well. With my current abilities will I be able to solve my problem, if there even is a way to begin with (Of course I'm willing to read whatever tutorials to increase my knowledge). By the way, I know that there are online photo albums but they lower image quality and require you to sign up and such, so that's a bit annoying to my friends. But the main reason I'd like to know is, I enjoy web design and programming and I would just like to learn how to do this, if it's even possible, because it would make my designing more efficient and way faaster. Anyway thanks to people who have actually read all the down to here.
  7. Not be a rude or anything, but what Skemcin said was he probably has a dynamic IP, what you said was what he actually needs to get, a static IP, but some ISP providers apparently don't allow that, mine for instance. I had no clue when I changed my settings to host a game, and the dude my ISP sent to change my modem said that I am not actually allowed to have a static IP. So you might want to check with your ISP before to try to get a static IP and I also agree with what Skemcin and rohan_har suggested, probably easier to just sign up with a free host or pay for one.
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