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  1. Good morning, I am trying to find the location of a div with an inline style in my wordpress files but can't seem to find it. I'm trying to overwrite the font color using CSS but can't due to the inline style set. The div whos color I'm trying to change is located inside a div with a class of .avia-promocontent. I have located a file in my wordpress directories called promobox.php which I believe is where this HTML is set up: The file contents is below: $output = ""; $output = "";$output.= " <div class='av_promobox ".$this->class_by_arguments('button' , $atts, true).$meta['el_class']."'>"; $output.= " <div class='avia-promocontent'>".stripslashes(wpautop(trim($content)))."</div>"; if($atts['button'] == "yes"){global $shortcode_tags;$fake = true;$output.= call_user_func( $shortcode_tags['av_button'], $atts, null, 'av_button', $fake);} $output.= " </div>"; return do_shortcode($output); As you can see, the div with a class of .avia-promocontent is set here but not sure where the inline styles come from? That produces this source code: <div class="av_promobox avia-button-yes avia-builder-el-4 el_after_av_one_full avia-builder-el-last "> <div class="avia-promocontent"> <p></p> <div style="font-size: 18px; color: #07bfd7; padding-top: 3px;">Contact us for a complimentary consultation to see how we can assist you.</div> <p></p> </div> <div class="avia-button-wrap avia-button-right "> <a href="http://wrdesigns.net/wellhealthcoaching/contact/" class="avia-button avia-icon_select-no avia-color-custom avia-size-large avia-position-right " style="background-color:#f3861f; border-color:#f3861f; color:#ffffff; "> <span class="avia_button_icon" aria-hidden="true" data-av_icon="" data-av_iconfont="entypo-fontello"></span> <span class="avia_iconbox_title">Contact Renee</span> </a> </div> </div> Anyone got experience with Wordpress? I've tried a CSS trick using .avia-promocontent > div[style] { color: #fff !important;} but it didn't overwrite it. Thanks again. Kind regards, Lab.
  2. Good morning, Turn your phone off and learn then! Regards, Lab
  3. Good afternoon, Have you got a live link to your website? If not can you post your HTML code please? At first guess I'd position the 'Last 10 Forum Replies' and all the other divs over that side to have a lower z-index than the sub-level menu items. Regards, Lab.
  4. Indeed, I thought overflow:hidden would have hid the floating divs past the heights of the container, instead it makes the container find the height of the floating divs....? Regards, Lab.
  5. Wow, never knew that. So if you have a container containing divs which are all floated, usually causing the height of the container to drop, we can use overflow: hidden to set the height of container? I've always set a fixed height in pixels to find the height of the containing div, when floating elements inside. Kind regards, Lab.
  6. Good morning Andrew. To load in external Javascript files, you need to use the <script> tag in the <head>. Like this: <script type="text/javascript" src="Cookie.js"></script> That only works if the Cookies.js is inside the same directory as the HTML files. Kind regards, Lab.
  7. Good morning handemmet, Have you got a live link for us? Kind regards, Lab.
  8. Good evening, Have you got it working? Kind regards, Lab.
  9. Good evening, So you want to be able to display certain pages depending on $_GET variables passed via URL? Kind regards, Lab.
  10. Good evening lovewebdesign, I know of a couple of sites to create a free logo but I wanted something which would be unique which no one else would have variants of. I ended up paying £20 for 4 different designs and for the price I payed, I'm more than happy with what was produced. Was never looking to spend a huge amount for a logo as I need to get some actual sites built to put in my 'Portfolio', so there are a few more logos to be payed for once I get them done. Kind regards, Lab.
  11. Good morning, Have you wrote any code so far? Kind regards, Lab.
  12. Good evening, Well, if you visit here: http://tspv-websites.co.uk/?page=Home . As you can see, quite a simple page. It's going to be my 'homepage' for advertising myself. Doesn't have to be fancy. Just something which would look professional. I've attempted to create one with GIMP many times but they look amateur. Thanks for your reply. Kind regards, Lab.
  13. Hi there, Been quoted £60 for a website logo. Is this expensive? First time purchaser Kind regards, Lab.
  14. Hi there,I have a main container where all my content goes (via PHP).How can I slightly reduce the opacity of the main container (so I can see the background image) but still able to see the container slighly.Everytime I set the opacity down, the content and text opacity is reduced too (or outputs like that, not sure if it will inherit the background automatically?).Exactly like the headers in this website: http://www.advertisingbusiness.org/2012/10/what-should-i-include-on-header-of-my-website-how-website-header-can-help-conversion-rates/Any suggestions?Thank you for your time.Kind regards,Lab.
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