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  1. I've got a piece of code like this: <td class="tdSearch"><img class="tdSearchOptions" align="middle" title="Search Preferences"><a class="tdSearchOptions" href="if_pkg.edit_preferences?query_id=111111&page=2"><img class="tdSearchOptions" align="middle" title="Search Help"><a class="tdSearchOptions" href="http://url.com:9080/WebHelp/test.htm"></td> I need to strip out the query_id to use it as a variable in a piece of code like this: <xsl:variable name="qid" select="..." /> I'm still learning about Xpath, but I'm thinking I need to nest a subst
  2. I'm sorry for not getting back sooner. I appreciate your response. When I tried this, we seem to get the url, but we also get the 'javascript:getURLWin(', that precedes this. Is there a way to bascially cut the string to only return what comes after the parenthesis? Thanks
  3. I apologize if this is the wrong forum, just wasn't sure where to put this question. I'm trying to return the url from this onclick node: <a onclick=”javascript:getURLWin(‘http://some.web.url/some/path/index.html’); href=”javascript:void(0);”>; here is the block of text which describes the page </a> So far, I've tried td[2]/a/[@onclick=”javascript:getURLWin(‘”;] , and that hasn't worked. Can anyone offer suggestions? Thanks
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