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  1. I've got a piece of code like this: <td class="tdSearch"><img class="tdSearchOptions" align="middle" title="Search Preferences"><a class="tdSearchOptions" href="if_pkg.edit_preferences?query_id=111111&page=2"><img class="tdSearchOptions" align="middle" title="Search Help"><a class="tdSearchOptions" href="http://url.com:9080/WebHelp/test.htm"></td> I need to strip out the query_id to use it as a variable in a piece of code like this: <xsl:variable name="qid" select="..." /> I'm still learning about Xpath, but I'm thinking I need to nest a substring-before inside a substring-after like this: substring-after('substring-before('/td[@class=tdSearch]/a[@class=tdSearchOptions]/@href','&')','=') The syntax doesn't look to be right and I'm not sure if this is the best way to go about it anyway, so comments are welcome. Also, will this also try to strip out anything in the second href? Xpath is pretty cool, but I still have a lot of learning to do! Thanks!
  2. I'm sorry for not getting back sooner. I appreciate your response. When I tried this, we seem to get the url, but we also get the 'javascript:getURLWin(', that precedes this. Is there a way to bascially cut the string to only return what comes after the parenthesis? Thanks
  3. I apologize if this is the wrong forum, just wasn't sure where to put this question. I'm trying to return the url from this onclick node: <a onclick=”javascript:getURLWin(‘http://some.web.url/some/path/index.html’); href=”javascript:void(0);”>; here is the block of text which describes the page </a> So far, I've tried td[2]/a/[@onclick=”javascript:getURLWin(‘”;] , and that hasn't worked. Can anyone offer suggestions? Thanks
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