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  1. $test_url = get_furl("http://1.com");echo "<br />".getHttpResponseCode_using_curl($test_url); // returns 200, but this domain doesn't exist Also, go to http://the-test.comoj.com/files/needed-code.php to see it in action; at the very bottom is where the header code for 1.com is being echoed out
  2. or use a .htaccess to parse .css files with the php engine
  3. <?php function isValidUrl($url){ // first do some quick sanity checks: if(!$url || !is_string($url)){ return false; } // quick check url is roughly a valid http request: ( http://blah/... ) if( ! preg_match('/^http(s)?:\/\/[a-z0-9-]+(.[a-z0-9-]+)*(:[0-9]+)?(\/.*)?$/i', $url) ){ return false; } $url = get_furl($url); // the next bit could be slow: if(getHttpResponseCode_using_curl($url) != 200 && getHttpResponseCode_using_curl($url) != 404){ return false; } // all good!
  4. the problem is with the popup box I have its supposed to popup every time a user clicks on 1 of the tiles and it works in IE 7+ but my z-index rules are being ignored in all other browsers except for the very bottom rows of tiles which is very strange for example start up google chrome go to my project I linked to and try to click the tiles, it won't work except for the bottom row of tiles
  5. For some strange reason only internet explorer 7+ is recognizing my z-index rules and chrome, firefox, safari, and opera are ignoring my css rules you can find it herehttp://the-test.como...p/test_map4.php .tile{ position:absolute; background: url(sprites.png) no-repeat; width:70px; height:55px; line-height: 70px; text-align: center; font-size: 12px;}.map_click_point { position:absolute; text-align:center; height:35px; width:70px; padding-top:25px; z-index: 99;} this is the css I use
  6. whith this it sounds like you need to use php and ajax to achieve this or its going to take jquery and I bet it is going to be difficult to do using jquery
  7. I changed the css and the way you had your html by putting the class of sidebox into the right nav div and putting float right to your right nav and clear: both to your copyright and also changed the positioning where needed and to fix that problem you are setting an unnecessary huge height to your meny's so to fix this lower the huge heights or set the left nav to a specific height and put overflow: hidden
  8. I wasn't sure how it was supposed to positioned but I fixed it and you can see what I did here by viewing the source and css file, and it turns out I didn't have to change anything in pse5menyset2.cssI did this in google chrome and positioned it so that the error images that it shows are perfectly aligned at the top right so its going to look a little off in IE or firefox but even if you test this on multiple screen sizes or different minimize sizes it should be the same http://the-test.como...les/index52.php here is what it looks like to me
  9. I have a webpage im working on as an experiment to figure out how the other websites do it so perfectly and it can be viewed here http://the-test.comoj.com/files/test.html it is a picture that covers the entire screen that is as a background and moves with the screen so even if you scrolled down to the bottom its still in the same spot the problem I am having is that i only want the gray container of the content to have opacity but its applying it to all the content inside the container even though I have opacity set to something else for the later content and even I even tried using positio
  10. do you know of any good syntax highlighter that is either in javascript or php 5.2 and under?
  11. unreadable-core.txt the person who made it, made it so its really hard to edit the main core file there is another version of the core file but its not the one that works but its not really hard to read like the top one this is the code for the function in the one that is readableforHtmlScript: function(regexGroup){ this.htmlScript = { left : { regex: regexGroup.left, css: 'script' }, right : { regex: regexGroup.right, css: 'script' }, code : new XRegExp( "(?<left>" + regexGroup.left.source + ")" + "(?<code>.*?)" + "(?<right>" + regexGroup.right.source + ")", "sgi" )
  12. for some reason the code thing is messing up my code so I remade this post into a text file which is attached to this replymy problem.txt
  13. I have a really nice javascript code highlighter for forums I found which works perfectly except that it will only highlight 1 language at a time for example if I specify php and there is html and css also in that php code, only the php code gets highlight and it will only allow you to specify 1 coding language at a timeI figured out that the highlighter has a function to also highlight the html along with the php so thats fixed except that the css is still not highlighted so after looking at how this javascript system works I changed the javascript file that highlights the html to also highli
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