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  1. by further looking it looks like that IUSR is the default anonymous account thats been used by anonymous authentication
  2. thanks justsomeguy, i worked out the problem by using "Failed Request Tracing". Then i saw that there was still a "Access Denied" issue. After given the User "IUSR" full access rights the problem was solved. Not sure why this user is not inside IIS_IUSRS ... regards,Bernhard
  3. Hi, I want to use the edittool.asp from the XSLT Tutorial: http://www.w3schools.com/xsl/xsl_editxml.asp I tried them on a IIS 7.x on a Windows 2008 server or on Windows 7 prof.As far as i know i've enable ASP on the server and the standard "Hello world" tests are working without a problem.When i use the edittool.asp script exactly like at the tutorial with a form i got a 500 Server Error.I've given also the IIS_IUSRS Users full access rights to the inetpub folder where the files are located.What else needs to be enabled on the IIS Server? How can i debug the error more in order to get more in
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