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  1. OK, I got it! Thank you a ton that was much easier than I thought it would be.
  2. So to get the return, or the output that will be referenced into the email body I need to do a replace? I do not think I am familiar with how to do this but I would like to learn how. Can I get an example of how this would look if I want the line breaks inserted by the user to hold true in an email?
  3. There a great deal of conditions added in to some parts but the basics of the script are below; -JavaScript- To= document.myform.Approvermail.value ;Subject="SQL Access Request";BHeader= "**"+document.myform.Approvername.value+", Please approve this request and reply to all.**"Body= "Server Name - "+document.myform.Servername.value+ "";Body2= "Database Name - "+document.myform.Databasename.value+ "";Body3= "Access Groups:";Body3a= document.myform.Accessgroups1.value ;Body3b= document.myform.Accessgroups2.value ;Body3c= document.myform.Accessgroups3.value ;Body3d= document.myform.Accessgroups4.
  4. I am creating a form that is captured and placed in an email. I have managed to do this fine with the exception of one item. when getting the value of a text area it will not maintain the user entered format. Thsi will be important when recieving the information in the email. what I need is this, when a user enters the below info in a textarea;---example---Reference line 1Reference line 2Reference line 3Reference line 4----------------- I need it to popluate in the email the same way. When I pull this infor like a normal input it comes out like this; Reference line 1Reference line 2Reference l
  5. OK so I put the onchange in my select but I am not sure how I check the value of the selected option. <select name="Accesslevel1" onChange="DbRole(Accesslevel1.value);"> the if condition should only be when "Database Role" is selected. I also am not sure if I did the "addfeilds()" part right.
  6. OK, I have hit a snag and I want to try and make this work if I can. I am trying to add a new text field next to a current list field based on a single selected item. can anyone help me on this? I added the segments that I want this to change. *script* function DbRole(myform){if (document.myform.Accesslevel1.value=="Database Role = "){document.myform.Accesslevel1("DbRole1").setValue(""); AddFields();}} *form* <input name="Accessgroups1" type="text" size="50"> <select name="Accesslevel1"> <option value=""></option> <option value="Read">Read</option>
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