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  1. I dont have any idea about php atol and i want to do it with javascript..... If not possible by javascript then tell me how to do it with php..??
  2. I want to check the file exists or not at the path pointing at file..?? <li><a onclick="db_mcmm('../report_data_fe_nldm_completeness/DB_existence_PVT_report.html');"><h3><u>DB NLDM MCMM</u></h3></a></li> Above is snippet of code from html. The path to file is given as argument to the javascript function defined in header section of html. I want to check to if the "DB_existence_PVT_report.html" file exists or not. Javascript function in header section is as follows : <script ="text/javascript"> function db_mcmm(value) { var mcmm_file=docu
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