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  1. Turtle, maybe there are some errors in the w3schools their site, but none the less w3schools whas a great place to start learning the html markup language and a good step to the more sophisticated languages. W3Fools is not in the place to be so negative about w3schools, because clearly all they can do is criticize. People don't have to choose w3schools, they choose w3schools because it's neat and orderly. When I whas learning html, w3schools wasn't the only place I looked for information I followed alot of articles and tutorials to get the hang of it. The article is just rubbish, it should be removed from the internet, you should go ask the forum members here if they like the site or not, and if w3schools has helped them.
  2. Well to who is he apologizing to? The average internet user actually never types in the http:// in front of the url. (sometimes neither www. which can cause some troubles on some sites). This is just a sad attempt to get some publicity?
  3. vytas

    Need Some Help

    Thank you so much for that information, I knew it had something to do with the SIN, COS or TAN but I just didn't know how to make it work.
  4. vytas

    Need Some Help

    Ok lets say I have an object with the position: x: 3 & y: 5. I want to move the object with 5 pixels with an angle of 30 degrees. How would I calculate the new position? Im giving alot of thought in this, but I can't figure it out. Hope I made myself clear. Thanks Vytas.
  5. U can say that again!If I would care to make such a site I would do this:while (true) { // then i would make a nice flashing background with it:var colours = ["black", "red", "blue", "yellow", "green", "brown", "violet"];for (var i = 0; i < 7; i++) { if (i == 7) { i = 0; } alert("I Hope you're using Opera"); // Don't post something saying that the background will only flicker when i press the button because i know document.body.style.bgColor = colours[i];}} I am evil
  6. This won't fix your problem but here is just some advice1. Never put password's in a cookie really risky.2. You should do better input checking because your avatar variable in the cookie is XSSed.
  7. vytas

    Pokemon Site

    This is just another downloaded template i suppose? In your done list you said you made login/register. But when u go to that page it says goto forums. I get the idea that u can't code!
  8. I have a twin brother (he doesn't look like me ), but the point is he wants to learn to code in Java. He isn't interested in web-developping. I said to him that it would be a great advantage for you in you first learn javascript then u know how to program, but no he said he isn't interested in anything like that. So he has no experience in programming at all. But he wants to learn it like really bad but he isn't as smart as I am . So how could I teach him how to program in Java in which I don't have alot of experience in either. Should I persuade him to first start learning javascript or what? Or is their a good tutorial for a complete programming jackass in dutch preferably.
  9. Can you provide a little bit more information?
  10. I'm still willing to cooperate on this project but if only 2 people are willing to help. I won't bother. If we get like 4 to 5 people to join in on this then we could start developping.
  11. I have another idea making an easy implementable JavaScript (AJAX) chatbox. It has to be super easy to implement something like this: <script src='chatbox.js' type='text/javascript'></script><div id="chatboxContainer"></div> Something like this with some of these features: Admins. (chatbox moderators with the option to Mute or Ban) Personal Messages. Easy to use Interface. Editable colour scheme. Like this idea the best.
  12. It would be nice to have a live chatbox here so we can chat without having to make a new topic. It's just a suggestion but it would strengthen the community i think. U get to know some stuff about the other people here and you are able to get help for your smaller problems alot faster.
  13. I have an idea, but it is rather complicated. Lets make an complete (pseudo) 3d Website. Like the wall are rendered with text and stuff maybe even an input box. It is not something that will be completed in a week, but it will be interesting to see how it goes.
  14. Want to help develop the "Bomberman project"?

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