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  1. Thank you to all who have answered thus far on this.I guess that with Jonas' reply about XHTML and CSS I am at least on relatively stable ground - for at least a few years to come.As for AbstractApproach's "X86 Assembly", I will have to get back to him/her on that as soon as I make out what it is even though I went to a place where they were describing it. Whew.Now, ste says: "I dont think its the language thats as important as understanding the concepts anyway."I think that view applies to a lot of things, even those not computer related. It states that the languages will come and go but ther
  2. If anyone can answer the following question then I feel those at this forum are qualified to do so.Is there one 'language' that will always be in use so let's say 5 to 10 years up the road it will still be effective?For example, let's say I wanted to learn all that there is to know - or at least as much as possible - about CSS and decided that I wanted to focus on just that and nothing else. Will CSS always be effective for the time scale mentioned above or will it fall into disuse thus necessitating learning something else?I know that HTML is the first of these and I can say that I know that
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