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  1. Hi Deirdre's Dad , I redone the whole page, and used CSS's div and floats. I re-sliced the template down to 2 images. And so far everything looks good on most browsers except IE "IE8", and I need one last help from you. I can't get the page centered in IE, what's the trick to this?Here's the new code and imageRobert
  2. I saw the site source code, I see what you mean, can you send me the CSS code for the page? If possible, can you send it here. I would appreciate it Deirdre's Dad, I can really practice from this.Robert
  3. Yeah Deirdre's, that is kind of true, cause I do know a little of CSS, but not enough. So don't use tables? I should learn more on divs, float and clear properties, are these like tables?
  4. Hi Tanusree_10, Thanx. I looked at the 2 websites, and I see that the tables are stable and looks great, I want that. But I need the margins, It keeps the page centered, I delete those, and the whole page goes left, don't want that. So with CSS, will that help keep all the tables stable and centered? Or by looking at the code, what do you suggest?Robert
  5. Sure Remrow, thanx a lot, here's the link to the code
  6. Sure Deirder's Dad, thanx a lot, here's the link to the code
  7. Hi guys, i really need your help. I just recently build a webpage for my friends marketing business, it was ready to upload ftp. Till I used the IE and Chrome browser to preview the pages, and pages table layout was all stretched out and the contents are uneven aligned, and the pages are stretched down longer then normal, on both browsers. I used Nvu to create the page, and when I preview the pages, Nvu uses firefox to preview. So I only viewed the pages with firefox all the time, and didn't noticed how it looked on the other browsers. Look at the images and see what I mean. 1. Firefox - this
  8. thank u so mutch STE, it works perfectly
  9. Hi Guys, I have an issue on Photoshop. Currently, Im teaching my self Photoshop, well as css and html. I been playing around with the lasso tool. I lasso an image, I right click, layer via copy my images to the layers window to the right. Then I go to file, new, and create a new image transparent/white window, and whatever pixels. I then drag my image I lassoed from the layers window, to the new pixel file window. When I drag it, it comes out gray color. It’s in color before I lassoed it, and when it’s in the layers window. And I don’t remember what I did; it was in color by default a couple o
  10. Thanks u so much Boen Robot for the advice, I really need it, I hate being confused. I really don't know exactly what i know. But just by reading WD books, html/css. And calculate what I already know and don’t know. I some how came out with that percentage, Its not accurate…kind of funny though, that u caught on 2 that. lThank u so much guys for the advice, i appreciate it so much. I now know what I need to study. But im not finish yet, you'll here from me again and again....lol
  11. Self taught/study html and css. I want to start a new career as a web designer. I know 90% of HTML and 85% CSS, and still learning everyday. I did a little research for jobs as a web designer, and so far the qualifications I seen. You need skills in Php, Javascripts, Xhtml, Mysql, Flash , Dreamweaver,Perl and Photoshop. Now that’s to much, is it really necessary to know all that to become a web designer, or they just saying that it's required to know a few. I not made for school, and I already took classes on A+ and Network +, and Im kind of fed up with school, and still not getting far enoug
  12. Hello, im new to this forum. I need help; I have a friend who's a real state broker, and im building his webpage for his company. I would like to know, witch is a best way in getting forms to the client's to fill. He wants to put a down load link on his page for the client to download the form he created using MSword. But I know for a fact that the only way he can get back those forms after the client filled them out, to print it. Scan it, then upload then attach it, then email it to him, or the regular mail with stamp. Witch I know would take much longer. But I think cloning it on to his for
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