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  1. Hi,I've been teaching myself (X)HTML and CSS for a while now, and ever since I started, I went with the assumption that I should be using XHTML because it was supposed to be the future. But lately, I have seen a decent number of people/posts on various sites saying that they have decided to go back to using HTML 4.01 for now. The main problem they site is the fact that you only get a benefit from using XHTML if you serve it using application/xhtml+xml, which is a problem b/c IE can't handle that. They also say that serving XHTML as text/html makes the browser try to read the XHTML formated tags as though they were HTML formatted tags. It would be my preference to remain using XHTML 1.0 so I wont eventually have to go back and change it later. So I guess my question is, if I can get my pages to work using XHTML served as text/html on all / most browsers, is it really that bad if I continue to do so? Thanks.
  2. Hi,I want to use the <select> tag along with the <optgroup> and <option> tags to link to another page when a particular <option> is selected by the visitor. Is there a way to do this besides using javascript or is that required? Thanks.
  3. Hi Jessica,You should leave what you have in the html. In the css, add something like this:img{ position: absolute; left: 200px; top: 300px;}This is just a simple example of what you can do for positioning. Study the css tutorial on this website to see everything you can do. I would suggest adding something like:img.name{ position: absolute; left: 200px; top: 300px;}Then in the html change your pic tag to <img class="name" src="picture.jpg" />What this will do is limit all the formatting in the img.name part of your css to that pic alone. Then you can give each pic you have it's own class name and apply different styles and position to each of them.Dont forget to add a link in your <head> to your css document. I'm not experienced with moving pics yet but I think if you save your images as .bmp instead of .jpg, you can combine a series of pics in one, kind of like with those flip books. Hope I could help.
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