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    php, sql, css, html, java

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    Virginia Beach, Virginia
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About Me

I work as A Full Time Lead Stocker for Food Lion LLC. Run the gaming team Shadow Warrior Federation since 2009 and do web design on the side. I get hired to do various web design jobs and when i get stuck on a problem I ask for help from local forums.


Current Projects:

http://www.swfclan.com -- Own Site

http://www.ladywildlife.com -- converting a 1200+ HTML Page website that is 11 years out of date (code wise) into a SQL database, php, html5, and css3 functional website that is also up-to-date.


Languages (on a scale 1-10):

PHP -- 8

SQL -- 7

Java -- 3

HTML -- 8

phpAdmin -- 9

CSS -- 7


Jobs i do:

PLZ note that i will not do any code work for forums. BUT if you have an html website and want to make it Better and more modern OR want to improve your current php/sql site then feel free to contact me.

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