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  1. Can you provide me the code or any example?
  2. Finally I have created the form. But I have got a new problem. After submitting the form, the user redirects to the "contact.asp" page which is the action of the form.On contact.asp page, I have code for sending the form data to server. But I want user to remain on the same page which contains the form even after executing form action="contact.asp". i.e. when user clicks on submit button, the form should send the data to server and the content of the page should be available to the user.
  3. I found something that this type of form requires overlay() function.
  4. The given link is helpful but I want that form should appear as soon as the page loads. On your link I have to click on "CLICK HERE" to get the form.
  5. Hello Friends, I want to design a registration form for online test which appears on the online test page link.This form should appear in form of a pop up by shadowing background test page contents with grey colour. When user submits the data, this pop up form should validate the data and send the data to database and then the background test page content should be available for the user. If user cancels the form pop up then background page should show an error.(ie the test page link should be available to those who register themselves through form). Thank you.
  6. Hello Friends, I have created a website. Website pages load normally. But if any page remains open for sometime then it stops responding for a couple of seconds. After a couple of seconds, page again responds normally. What can be the problem for page NOT responding? Please HELP.
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