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  1. Hi,Can anyone help me to place a div tag over a flash movie? Here is my attempt to do so. <div style="position:absolute; top:50;left:50; WIDTH: 50px; HEIGHT: 255px; BACKGROUND-COLOR:red;z-index:2">ddd</div><iframe src="http://digitalthink.com/dtfs/" style="position:absolute; top:24; left:24; width:500; height:450; z-index:1" >It works well over text and images but fails in case of the flash movie.Thanks and regards.Debopriyo.
  2. Hi,The span tag works in different way when arranged differently. For example, in the following code, the span tags are first arranged horizontally and then they are arranged vertically just by pressing enter while coding. <html><body><span>a</span><span>b</span><span>c</span><span>d</span><br><span>a</span><span>b</span><span>c</span><span>d</span></body></html>They display the content in different way. In IE (I test only in one browser) the width of the text displayed by the two codes is different. So far I know HTML ignores white spaces and line feeds given during coding by pressing enter. Can you tell why is it happening so?Regards.Debopriyo
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