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  1. Ok, I see. Maybe I should try to make resize it a bit then?
  2. Thanks for the comments people When you say you want the menu to be "fancy," do you mean a drop-down menu (like the context menu that comes from right-clicking)?Well, no... I just mean the colours and style of it, if you understandDid you write the flight simulator?What? heheDo you provide services for phpbb3?I must admit that I haven't used it very much, but I guess I could do some things thereThanks again folks!
  3. Simple way to get around the problem:ob_start();on the top of your page (yes, over <html> too)Should work
  4. Wow, nice site!You have done a great job, it's great.
  5. Hey guysLong time since I've been here. Forgot all about the forum and many other sites, when I quit school last year (yeah, I'm back in school now...) :)Anyways, my site has a new design, and I'd like to know what you think of it.http://www.andersmoen.comOne thing I'd like, is some ideas for my menu. It works for now, but I'd like it to be a bit more fancy or somethingThanks guys (I don't know if there are any girls here yet?)!
  6. Nope, haven't tried it. And I will probably not try it either
  7. Operahttp://www.opera.com/Notepadhttp://notepad-plus.sourceforge.net/uk/site.htmPaint.NEThttp://www.getpaint.net/By teh way, was this list only for web development tools, or any kind of free tools?
  8. I'm planning on making a website with downloads for flight simulators sometime (though there are already many of them unfortunely..)
  9. Just wondering what the PR of your sites are.Mine:AndersMoen.com: PR 3TemplatesHeaven.net: PR 1Sites I have made for others:SelsonFilm.com: PR 2I didn't include one site, cause it's PR 0 at the moment
  10. Yes, I know, but it was an examplewe don't know if he will use it in his document or anything later, you know
  11. Put this on the top your file (over everyting, except session_start if you have that):ob_start();and at the bottom:ob_end_flush();This should fix your problem
  12. NopeHow come it shows up in Opera then?
  13. Well, to get good with designing, I suppose you just have to try and fail, and just keep going onThat's what I have done since I started with itI'm not very very good at design yet, but I guess that's because I'm doing more PHP and MySQL at the moment
  14. What?I have tried title in img, I didn't get that valid in the W3 validatorAnd it didn't show up eitherAnd alt doesn't just show if the image doesn't load. It comes up after some seconds if you have your mouse over the image too
  15. Anders Moen

    PHP Problem

    Is it showing any error messages?Is it possible for us to see a demo, of some kind, or something like that? Might help...not sure tho
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