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  1. This is a very old poll and needs to be updated. For Windows, Mac and Linux my favorite text editor has to be Sublime Text 2. Its free to download and the license is $60 if you want to pay. If you don't pay you just get pop ups to purchase it every now and then. You can choose not to. I bought it because it is simply the best one for me and I wanted to support the developer. You should check out the workflow tutorial for Sublime Text on Tutsplus. It shows just how awesome and flexible it is. https://tutsplus.com...sublime-text-2/ Plus, Sublime Text has a growing community behind it so expect a lot more plugins to come with it. Also, here is Sublime Texts main page if your interested in trying it out. http://www.sublimetext.com/
  2. Ok so I have found the fix. I don't know which setting it was exactly but I do know that if you reset IE9 to the default settings this will work. Here is how to do it for anyone else that has this problem. Tools > Internet Options Select the Advanced Tab in the Internet Options Window Click on the Reset button IE will now reset all options to the default settings. I did this tested it again and I was able to see the controls. This is why I hate IE lol.
  3. Really!!! Maybe theres a setting in IE9 thats preventing it from showing the controls. I don't really know. Even though IE9 has come a long way I still don't think its a competent browser. Do you know of a setting that might be preventing it?
  4. Also, before anybody asks, I checked which mode IE was showing in and here is what it was: Browser Mode: IE9Document Mode: IE9 Standards Is this just a problem with IE9? Is it not fully compatible with the audio tag?
  5. Hi There, I don't know if I am in the right topic thread for errors or debugging but suggestions was the closest I could find. I was viewing the HTML 5 audio tag examples in W3Schools and I noticed that the controls are not showing up in IE9. Even though on the audio page it says that it is compatible with IE9. Now when I right click on it I do get the options to play/pause but I don't get sound. I tried on Firefox and it worked fine so it wasn't a sound issue. I have attached a screen shot so you can see both the code on the left and example on the right in IE9.
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