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  1. I read it thoroughly the first time. I still didn't understand it. Rereading it however I see this: Statement 1 is executed before the loop (the code block) starts.Statement 2 defines the condition for running the loop (the code block).Statement 3 is executed each time after the loop (the code block) has been executed. and it makes more sense now. This sort of clears things up for me. Thanks for linking to that specific page!
  2. Can somebody point me to where the whole i variable gets explained in detail? I've been going through all of the courses at w3schools starting from the beginning(HTML) and have made it all the way to XML, where I am now. I know in earlier sections they bring up examples like (i=x,i<x,i++) and stuff, but I just never fully understood where they are getting all that from. When I first came across it I just decided to accept it for what it was, hoping I would gain a greater understanding later on, but here I am at XML and I still don't understand fully the rules governing i and increments and such. Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. I'd like to pay for my certificate tests in Bitcoin. It would make life a lot easier. Any chance of this happening soon? Bitcoin is a no-brainer for the tech world.
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    One thing that would be really nice is if w3schools provided homework for students. 20 question quizes aren't enough, especially when they're really easy. Practice makes perfect and I don't want to spend money on a certification test only to fail it. Even if I do pass it I don't want to look like a chump in the real world if I have a certificate but no real skills.
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