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  1. I have "my html" guy working on my site and we're finishing up and I look at the site on my iPhone, Safari and Firefox and they all look good and look the same. But, when I looked at Google Chrome, the picture that I have on the site doesn't appear. Can you explain why this might be happening and what we (my html guy) must do to correct this? Also, in the future, is there a way to insure that my site will behave correctly on all browsers without having to test each one independently? The site(s)www.5dayweightloss.infowww.chrisdawkins.usana.com
  2. I learned to use iframe here. Yeppee! Anyway, I have created a site using OptimizePress (hope that's not a bad word around here) because I don't really know html yet. The work I do is in Direct Sales or Network Marketing and the company I am with provides a replicated website which doesn't do much good (useless) for my marketing purposes. So, I'm attempting to use iframe (using html) to create a page inwhich to market to my customers. The problem I am having is the allotted space the replicated site provides seems to be too small to accommodate my OptimizePress Site and is cutting off a portio
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