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  1. I have toyed around with Action script. Could someone answer this: Is there an Action script solution to getting a pixel value(background color) for a bitmap instance(.jpg) and then calling a function to replace that single pixel value with a new pixel value for the entire image? Since only one color is to be changed(background color) and the .jpg image is a single layer(flattened image, was a .gif previously), it would be ideal if a pixel color change could be scripted. Any words would be appreceiated.Thanks,Onequickmemory.
  2. Hello once again,I really appreceiate the efforts in helping me with this issue. I have tried both approaches above numerous times now but it seems the frames I am trying to edit stem from a bitmap wich appears to be an instance of a .jpg. When trying the above methods and others it seems I can only change the percentage values (RGB) of the bitmap giving me still and undesirable background color on that image set. If a new layer in the form of a rectangle is created, the same problem: a mix of colors rather than a NEW background color. Question: Could I export this bitmap image to an image editing program or fireworks and then change the background color manually? If so could I re-import it back to my flash movie and rename it the same as the frames call for? Just a thought. Any solution would be greatly appreceiated. I keep hearing how much "fun" Flash can be. Thanks,Onequickmemory.
  3. Sorry for the slow reply, but I am still attempting this(once again). I tried the method you mentioned but I cannot seem to get it. I did notice however that the frames in question have both a bitmap image and a symbol that are identical in the Library. I tried the floodFill method since there is only one color to chage in the bitmap. This however only changed a small section of color when I tested the movie. I started a new layer in a .fla format and then imported the .swf movie to the stage. If you could offer any more insightful advice I would appreceiate it. Perhaps it is easier to simply edit the bitmap or symbol that is used during that section of the .swf movie(about 50 frames total consisting of two layers)?Thanks again,onequickmemory
  4. Hello experts,I am working with FLASH for the very first time and I have made a big effort trying to do something that appears simple-To change the background color of my .swf finished movie on a series of frames toward the end. I have unlocked the layers of the frames in question, attempted to insert action script in the root frame of the clip, but any advice at this point would be highly appreceiated. I did not create the .swf movie, so this is new stuff in my camp. Thanks.Onequickmemory.
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