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  1. i am interested in the whole auto resizing of the entire content of awebsite depending on the screen size of the visitor.Could you put a link to your site so I can see it?
  2. Somebody has got to know what the problem is??
  3. http://briansplace.allhyper.com/testindex.html is the site.I am trying to put a clock in the header at the end of some text, I got the code for the clock from W3Schools A clock created with a timing event.If i veiw the file that i put this in it works, if i put my code in W3Schools tryme editor it works, if I open the page like you normaly go to a website the clock does not show up (no errors show eathier).the code is long or i would paste it here, its just as easy to go to the page and view source.I have just done some more exploring and found that it works on a diferent free serviceWORKS HE
  4. Patriot

    umm... not sure

    this is the stylesheet part that seperates the divisionsdiv.main {z-index: 0;width:100%;height:100%;border:2px solid black;background-color:#D2B48C;color:#000000;}div.navigation {z-index: 1;width:23%;height:100%;float:left;border-right:2px solid black;padding:1px;background-color:transparent;color:#000000;}div.content {z-index: 2;margin-left:23%;padding:50px;background-color:transparent;color:#000000;} and this is the navigation document.write("<p class='header'>Brians Place</p>");document.write("<p><img src=''alt=''width=160 height=160></p>");document.write("&l
  5. Patriot

    umm... not sure

    the link is in my signature, it says current testing siteand the layout is external stylesheet.cssi think the problem might be the height:100% in the navigation side, not sure though
  6. Patriot

    umm... not sure

    when i add more to the content side, the navigation moves down with it and makes the nav look bad (has lots of extra space at the bottom.i would like the nav to be whatever size it need to be for what i have on it and then just stop. and i want the nav to be whatever sizes it needs to be for what it has in it then just stop.i think this is a positioning question thats why i put it here ??
  7. man i had it almost exactly like that except backwards and missing a little peice.works great now thanks for the quick reply, i knew i had to be close
  8. i am trying to call an external js from a document.write, for example var monName = new Array ("January","February","March","April","May","June","July","August","September","October","November","December");var now = new Date;if(now.getDate() == 25 && monName[now.getMonth()] == "December"){document.write ("i would like an external js here");}else if(now.getDate() == 1 && monName[now.getMonth()] == "January"){document.write ("i would like an external js here");}else{document.write("i would like an external js here");}</script> im sure there is a way to do this i just have
  9. well that was easy the tags thin that shows up is right in the top part of the page, if yo go to the page and right click and view source,LOOK FOR</script<!-- and this link you put on the page where you want the above code to work , it must be contained in the <body>tags<!-- <A HREF="java script:makeLink()">Bookmark Us</A>>that tags isn't supposed to be in the script, other than that the images roll-over fine for me and I use IE, the site looks great.
  10. i don't know much about javascript, but if im not mistaken isn't it all case sensitive?instead of case "c":nq="[CODE]"+srange.text+"[/code ]"; break;[/code]shouldn't it be [code]case "c":nq="[code]"+srange.text+"[/code ]"; break;[/code]not sure if that will help, or if it matters.
  11. Patriot

    time & date

    well this is the code i use for the year and it puts 2005 var d = new Date()document.write(d.getYear()) and this is the code i use for the day, date, month, year, time. <script type="text/javascript">var d=new Date()var weekday=new Array(7)weekday[0]="Sunday,"weekday[1]="Monday,"weekday[2]="Tuesday,"weekday[3]="Wednesday,"weekday[4]="Thursday,"weekday[5]="Friday,"weekday[6]="Saturday,"document.write("Today it is " + weekday[d.getDay()])document.write(" ")var b=new Date()var month=new Array(12)month[0]="January"month[1]="February"month[2]="March"month[3]="April"month[4]="May"month[5]="
  12. Patriot

    alignment +

    before i forget http://briansplace.allhyper.com/ thats the link to the new thing im trying out, and having a problem with.Q) why is the border-right of the navigation not connecting with the bottom?Q) why wont the text in the content center?Q) and the biggest is why did everything line up perfect offline using notepad, and as soon as i put it online it went all goofy and i had to fix a bunch of stuff?
  13. Patriot

    free websites

    i found a list of freesites tried signing up for a few of them and something isnt working riht. briansplace.allhyper.com when you go here it comes up with a index page thing that im not used to seeing, if you add index after the link then my message comes up but you cant click on the link.
  14. Yes this is the best tool i have found and it is written in a way that i dont get bored often, and if i happen to at anytime i just leave and come back another time.i started with the html for dummies books, it was awsome and easy to understand but i outgrew that very quickly and then realized that all the big boys played here at w3schools, so slowly but surely im trying to step it up a little and join in the fun and frustration of web development.
  15. Patriot

    Where are you?

    Well I added myself to the map, (don't I feel special?) The page had an error on it so I couldn't see any maps, I am curious if there are any Florida people on here.and as I stated before, (and again im sorry to those of you not lucky enough)The USA is the ONLY country.
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