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    Love to be an all time web developer. Love to master sql, php, javascript, Ajax, Asp, 3D Video Animation with MAYA and Cinema 4D. And finally i love my PHP
  1. I have this website( awaenvirons.com) on a Hosting site called Hostparker....which I hosted on Internet on 2014 but it has expired late last year......so I want to ask if the website can be re-established the way it is before, if I pay for another plan.....I think it has been more than 4 months now.... (This site was almost coded manually by me and I knew what it took me to do that)
  2. No you did well chikwado, it does not violate w3schools policy,its ok because even moderators are making that kind of reference, so far it can help at all cost......Thanks
  3. That's because $e is a single value from a database field, not an array. that is among what am saying how can you get an array of those emails and then use "foreach($e as $mailTo)" to get them one by one and pass the contact message to them; Just a brief code please.......
  4. still couldn't solve it. Remember that all the emails are being fetched out of database........ So its like you didnt note that one.. There are several ways to actually send the email. Phpmailer is a popular choice. please how?
  5. Please i have been on this for days without any final correct result:- 1.The code below simply select names from moderators, a table upgrading user levels based on how they use the wbsite. 2.It uses the names to select users who loves contact messages to appear on their emails, when a user sents a contact message( the names of this email lovers are entered on the doesanddont table with msgDont='0') . 3.The very names of users on doesanddont table is use to in turn select emails from users table, Which is use to finally passed the message to all of them as coded in the "foreach($e as $m
  6. When you click the browse button it will not respond on mobile browsers.But when you do it on PC it works perfectly. What should I do
  7. Am frankly using php if u can give me a hint may be by using for loop or for each statement to iterate through all the emails in the database and pass the message to all of them
  8. Since I have been doing things to be all browser responsive. Of all the popular browsers I know, its only OPERA that disobeys the rules such as styles sheets. It always mess up my work.Please does some one know how to do CSS right for opera. Just opera??? (Awaenvirons.com)
  9. Its like your still using your local connection password which might not be the same as the one at the real server
  10. Chikwado, just a bros chinedu; I have come across this problem before. Just go to the file you have your connection to database and correct your password and username to your hosting account password and username. Try that one
  11. how can one send email message to multiple emails in a database using php. The code has to fetch out the emails one by one and then send the message to them
  12. The code is sending multiple messages to all the emails at the same time. Even if you send one message, it will send it into multiple times to each email in my database... PLEASE how can i twist my code to send the messages without having it multiple times in each email //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($sql_level, MYSQLI_ASSOC)) { $moderator = $row['moderator']; array_push($all_moderators, $moderator); $Logic = ''; foreach($all_moderators as $key => $user){ $Logic .= "username='$user' AND msgDont='0' OR "; } /
  13. I need to target my page focus on a particular Div when a javascript function is fired. Even if its possible to focus on that particular element clicked. PLEASE HELP...
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