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  1. sugan

    Mysql Select Query

    Hi,I have a table values as Now, I want select query to display name and count the songs they sang as: How to write a query for this?Kindly Help!Regards,Suganya
  2. Hai,I tried yours but it did not work..As i told before, I tested with another server it worked...How to solve it? Is there any other option i can do?Regards,Suganya
  3. Hai,I used redirect in my site. It took well in my previous host, but not in the new one... RewriteEngine onRewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/testing/(.*).htmlRewriteRule ^(.*).html http://example.com/testing/test.php?name=$1 [L] The redirection takes place, but the url shows like It should be as Why is it not working?Kindly help!Regards,Suganya
  4. Hi,I used the below query in my localhost, where it gave me everything correctly without any issues, but when i see it after uploading my files in my site, it gives me an error.. The error is If i run the above query in my phpmyadmin also, i am getting error as: Everything works fine in my localhost. How to resolve this issue?Regards,Suganya
  5. sugan


    Hi,I had a problem with math log, i want to calculate20logbase10(0.5)The answer is -6.02when i calculate in calculator, the answer is right, but when i use Math.log it goes wrong, how to calculate this?Regards,Suganya
  6. sugan

    select query

    I cant make it up correctly, Can u pls tell me the exact code. Pls help!Regards,Suganya
  7. sugan

    select query

    Can u pls tell me the way. I am using PHP...Regards,Suganya
  8. sugan

    select query

    Hi,I have 3 tables,1st table list(table name) 2nd table sub(table name) 3rd table all(table name) Now i want as to be listed in the below manner How to write a query for this...Pls help!
  9. sugan

    select query

    Hi,I have a table as: Now i want to select the description and lin column as.. how to write the query for it?Regards,Suganya..
  10. Hi,I want to retrieve minimal date from the data i have entered in my database. Say that i have Now i want to know which is the minimal date here, so it should give me 2007-12-12.How to write a query to it!Regards,Suganya
  11. sugan

    menu bar

    No, Not like that! I want like I want it inside itself! Kindly tell me the way to do it...Regards,Suganya
  12. sugan

    menu bar

    Hi,I want to create a side menu in my page as If i click on names it should list like Like this it should work for everything. If i click countries, the names should be collapsed and countries should be expanded.How to do it?Regards,Suganya
  13. sugan

    change the image size

    hi,My code is as such <td style=\" background-image: url('images//$aa.gif');> How to give here?Regards,Suganya
  14. Hi,I have an image at a size of 220 x 100 px. I want to change the size of same image in one of my page at 80 x 50. i know that i can do it html. But i want in css code.Pls help!Regards,Suganya
  15. sugan

    Php issue

    hi,I have an array like $aa = array('Aman', 'Amir', 'Banu', 'Bob', 'Celina', 'Danny') Now i want an output as: Here B, C, D should be links, so that when i click B it should list B names alone..How to work for it! Pls Help!Regards,Suganya
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