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  1. Hello all,I've built this site and layout using bootstrap. http://ankursinha.net/test/ . I've broke the index file into head.php (contains the whole html head like scripts, meta, link rel, etc), then header.php (contains the logo, search bar, etc), then navbar.php (contains the navbar), and the footer. I've placed an index file along with it and I used: include 'head.php', etc and got it working. But when I created a folder forums, added the same code, but used include '../head.php', etc all the content came, but the css and the image logo didn't appear. I saw the page source for both the link
  2. Hello everyone,I followed Alex's register and login series from PHP Academy. I made one like his just the same way just that my CSS files were different. Now this is my problem.My bootstrap folder contains css, js and img folders. My core folder contains init file, database folder having connect file and functions folder having general functions and user functions files. My includes folder contains the header, footer, navbar and all, along with an overall folder having overall header and overall footer.All the files included above are linked and relative to the index.I created a new folder cal
  3. Hello people,I am building a website for my university. I need a shared hosting account for 2-3 months for testing the performance, so that based on that I can tell my college management on what to get but I will have to shell out the money from my pocket for the initial 2-3 months. Hence, inclined towards shared.So these are my requirements:10GB of space for the files, presentations, etc.2k students downloading 500mb of data each, so around 1-2TB bandwidth.Outgoing mail system, preferably 1-2k an hour or 5k a day.A forum system where 2000 members actively interact.A quiz system inbuilt in the
  4. Hello everyone, sorry for the dull title. Couldn't think of anything better. So this is my problem.I was using a registration form for teachers and one for students. There are ten fields in each, first name, last name, username, password, etc being similar whereas departments (teachers have 7, students have 3) and email ids (teachers have a different domain extension and students different) being different. I am using two tables, one for teachers and one for student.Now, I know I can use one login form, query against these two tables using the JOIN property and make them login. But I want to k
  5. I am using twitter bootstrap and my own CSS to achieve something.What I want to do is, all the input fields like username, password & search, on selecting them, the border becomes blue, I want to change it to black.Another thing is, I am using the navbar inverse. It has dropdowns. When I click the dropdown and hover over the list of elements, it is in blue color by default. I am trying to change that hover thing to black color too. How do I achieve this?Now these are the things I've tried. I tried inspecting with the firebug element and it always shows something in the bootstrap.min file.
  6. Hello everyone, I am trying to design a header using bootstrap. U want to put a logo at the top to the right of it the header. And I want to place a bootstrap search bar at the right of the entire header. I've tried to float the search bar right, but however it gets placed right after the header text. So the image, header text and the search bar come one after the other and hence when I keep minimizing the browser window, they do not stack properly either according to bootstrap. <div class="container"> <img src="http://www.computerclipart.com/computer_clipart_images/cartoon_comp
  7. Thanks for the reply. So how do I get rid of the problem and give the error just like I have made in the code?
  8. I am making a file upload system. The user chooses where to upload using the dynamic drop down list. And this is the problem I am facing right now. This is my form. <form action="uploader.php" method="POST" enctype="multipart/form-data" name="uploads"> <label for="file">Choose a file: </label> <input type="file" name="userfile" id="userfile"><br/><br/> <select id="text-one" name="one"> <option selected value="base">Select Department</option> <option value="CSE" name="cse">Computer Science Engineering
  9. Yes, DarkxPunk is right. Try referring the Twitter Bootstrap Documentation, you might get a bit of help from there if I got you right.
  10. Sublime Text 2 is the best for anything!
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