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  1. Xtazy

    my website

    I afford to turn off my computer because I don care if I have much visitators or not, I just wanted to install myself an Apache server and to show a friend of mine (who is also good at web programming) at I have done...Then I'll use a paid host to keep my website and I'll buy a domain too...I usually don't play many games neither download too much files on my computer, but I always turn on the server when I', turning on the computer....
  2. Xtazy

    Guestbook Script

    i used this one...so, you create a new PHP file named addbook.php , which code is this: <?php(isset($_POST['message']))?$message=$_POST['message']:$message='';(isset($_POST['name']))?$name=$_POST['name']:$name="";if ($message != ''){ $message = str_replace ("\n","<br>",$message); $message = strip_tags ($message, '<br>'); $newRow = '<div class="viewGuestbook">' . ($message) . '<br>' . date('d.m.Y H:i') . ' - ' . strip_tags ($name) . '</div>'; $oldRows = join ('', file ('guestbook.txt') ); $fileName = fopen ('guestbook.txt', 'w'); fputs ($fileName, $newRow . chr(13) . chr(10) . $oldRows); fclose ($fileName);}include ("readbook.php");?> next one: readbook.php : <div class="guestbookTop"><a href="postform.php">Write</a> to a guestbook<br><br></div><?php$fileName = file ("guestbook.txt");$rows = count ($fileName); if ($rows > 10){ if (!isset ($row) ) { $row = 0; } print ("<table class=\"guestbookLinks\"><tr><td width=\"50%\">"); if ($row > 0) { echo "<div class=\"nextPage\"><< <a href=\"readbook.php?row=" . ($row - 10) . "\">Next 10</a></div>"; } print ("</td><td width=\"50%\">"); if ( ($rows - $row) > 10) { echo "<div class=\"previousPage\"><a href=\"readbook.php?row=" . ($row + 10) . "\">Previous 10</a> >></div>"; } print ("</td></tr></table>"); for ($i = $row; $i < ($row + 10); $i++) { echo $fileName [$i]; }}else{ for ($i=0; $i < $rows; $i++) { echo $fileName [$i]; }} ?><div class="guestbookUp"><br><br><br><br> <a href="postform.php">Write</a> to a guestbook</div> and postform.php : <div class="normalText"><form action="addbook.php" method="post">Message<br><br><textarea name="message" cols="50" rows="7" class="textbox"></textarea><br><br>Name<br><br><input type="text" name="name" size="48" class="textbox"><br><br><input type="submit" value=" Submit " class="textbox"></form></div> And also create a .txt file named guestbook.txt , where the messages from your guestbook will be saved...It's not smth sophosticated, but it's good enough
  3. Xtazy

    switch banners

    Ah well, I've finally found a good script. Take a look: <?php $banner[1]['link'] = "http://something.com"; $banner[1]['img'] = "picture.jpg"; $banner[2]['link'] = "http://something.com"; $banner[2]['img'] = "picture.jpg"; $banner[3]['link'] = "http://something.com"; $banner[3]['img'] = "picture.jpg"; $banners=3; srand((double)microtime()*1000000); $random = rand(1,$banners); echo "<a href=\"".$banner[$random]['link']."\"><img src=\"".$banner[$random]['img']."\" border=\"0\"></a>"; ?>
  4. Xtazy

    switch banners

    Maybe, but I was wondering how .
  5. ok, so I have two banners for my website (till now), and I want them to be changed everytime the guest moves from one page to another one...even though he is in index.html, when he refreshes the page i want the banner changed...i think i should have posted this on the javascript category, dunno...thanx in advance!xtazy
  6. Xtazy


    nope, that code was broken too, this one is correct, i'm sure of it: <?php(isset($_POST['message']))?$message=$_POST['message']:$message='';(isset($_POST['name']))?$name=$_POST['name']:$name=""; if ($message != ''){ $message = str_replace ("\n","<br>",$message); $message = strip_tags ($message, '<br>'); $newRow = '<div class="viewGuestbook">' . ($message) . '<br>' . date('d.m.Y H:i') . ' - ' . strip_tags ($name) . '</div>'; $oldRows = join ('', file ('guestbook.txt') ); $fileName = fopen ('guestbook.txt', 'w'); fputs ($fileName, $newRow . chr(13) . chr(10) . $oldRows); fclose ($fileName);}include ("readbook.php");?> i added this two lines:(isset($_POST['message']))?$message=$_POST['message']:$message='';(isset($_POST['name']))?$name=$_POST['name']:$name=""; instead of$message = $_POST['message'];and this line is good:'<br>' . date('d.m.Y H:i') . ' - ' . strip_tags ($name) .$name is correct, $message was broken...instead of name tou get your message...duh!
  7. Xtazy

    my website

    Thanx a lot...well, the other pages from members.html are not valid because I didn't finish them ...yet...I don't want to copy and paste some information from other sites on my own website, so I'm trying to make myself the information inspiring from other sites...and i have no clue about what "wow effect" I should use ...
  8. Xtazy

    my website

    I restarted my computer and than I watched TV, so i forgot to turn on the apache server...try now, i'm sure it works...
  9. Xtazy

    my website

    Maybe, cuz I'm always downloading something and it may take from the website's speed...and today i was idle
  10. Xtazy

    my website

    Yeah, so probably when you tried to access it , I was sleeping ...
  11. Xtazy


    Yeah, that did it...but it looks like the line 9 was broken as well, but I managed to fix it...i mean this one: '<br>' . date('d.m.Y H:i') . ' - ' . strip_tags ($name) . but instade of $name, it should be $message...anyway, thanx a lot, it's really appreciated...Xtazy!
  12. Xtazy

    my website

    hi guys...i'm curently working on an AC/DC website (AC/DC is a hard rock band ) and I just want to tell me your opinion about. it....it's not completely finished, but i'm working on it...it's done completely in notepad and it's my second website... i maed another one with Rocky, but i didn't put it on the web...website ->!xtazy
  13. Xtazy


    I learned HTML and CSS from w3schools and had no problem with it...just have a look on what w3schools offers, have a look on the HTML examples, and start building a simple website so that you get used with HTML...and when you have an idea and you don't know how to fit it in your website, come here and maybe we we'll be able to help you...i know it's really fustrating when you want to learn something, but you just simple can't...cheers!
  14. Xtazy


    when i put that code in my addbook.php, i receive this error: and when i post a message using the postform, i can't see it in readbook.php ...
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