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  1. SDGSteve

    Html link

    I'm not totally sure I understand the question, making a link is really simple, you just use the "a href" command; http://www.w3schools.com/html/html_links.asp, is that what you mean?
  2. It's hard to understand what you mean, if the PSD has been put together properly you just need to select the text tool in Photoshop, highlight the text you want to change and retype it, same as you would do in word.
  3. the confusing advice thread! Iwerber; saving for web just compresses the image and puts it into a web safe format, it's a shortcut basically, you don't have to use it. What you have to do is make sure your image is saved as a JPG, GIF or PNG and try to make the file size as small as possible for example by setting JPG image quality when you save it, experiment with a few quality settings to see what looks good.
  4. Hey all, Long time graphic/web design freelance (about 15 years), but waver between this and other stuff so full of bad habits. Currently much more focused on web design and SEO and wanting to brush up and get into better habits, seemed a good place to do that!
  5. I just find IE painfully slow, have yet to try the latest version but everything previous ran a lot slower than FF or Chrome.
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