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  1. i want know how download images, css files ?
  2. i want to write a offline explorer program with java.i save url html code that user typed.(output.txt)now how to sava images and css files and java scripts file?Thanks.(output.txt seve in C:\Users\fh\Documents\NetBeansProjects\offline explorer\output.txt) public static void main(String[] args) throws MalformedURLException, IOException { String urlString; if (args.length == 1) urlString = args[0]; else { System.out.println("Enter URL:"); Scanner s = new Scanner(System.in); urlString = s.next(); System.out.println("Using " + urlString); } URL u = new URL(urlString); URLConnection connection = u.openConnection(); HttpURLConnection httpConnection = (HttpURLConnection) connection; int code = httpConnection.getResponseCode(); String message = httpConnection.getResponseMessage(); System.out.println(code + " " + message); if (code != HttpURLConnection.HTTP_OK) return; InputStream instream = connection.getInputStream(); Scanner in = new Scanner(instream); PrintWriter out = new PrintWriter("output.txt"); while (in.hasNextLine()) { String input = in.nextLine(); out.println(input); System.out.println(input); } out.close();
  3. HiThe following C # program I want, whenever the user clicks on a button to sort the contents richtextbox1First, based on the alphabet and numbers to be sorted., And placed in richtextbox2 Can anyone help me anymore,.Thanks
  4. mohammad1992

    Cascade menu

    HiWho's the code for the cascade menu?Thank you.
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