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  1. Deep lol. I ultimately want to be the best Web Developer, but at present the skills I have aren't good enough to get me a job as one. So I just want to know what I can work as now, based on my current portfolio, to get my foot through the door and then progress towards my goal. Thanks for the reply!
  2. I've been freelancing for a year now and feel my skills haven't improved all that much. I currently don't have any complex projects in the pipeline so now I really want to work in a team with a company to learn more.Based on what I have in my portfolio, what position should/can I go for? If my portfolio isn't strong enough what do you suggest I do to improve it? I would like to ideally pursue some kind of developer role.Everything was designed and built by me. I have used a jQuery scrollbar script and a php validation script from the web but the rest is all me :-) Portfolio link: http://dummyt
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