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  1. thanks a lot my friendursraviprakashg
  2. hi friends,i got strucked somthing displaying values in arraylist into .aspx pages, i don't its possible or not.in general how to display datas from array?i have the code and i dont know what to do after that, and intention is to use the arraylist in .aspx pageif there any other way pls help me.HERE IS MY CODE:string sqlGetrecords = "SELECT * FROM employeeInfo"; SqlCommand mySqlCommand = new SqlCommand(sqlGetrecords,mydb.myDBConn); SqlDataReader myreader; myreader = mySqlCommand.ExecuteReader(); while ( myreader.Read() ) { object[] values = new object[myreader.FieldCount]; myreader.GetValues(values); Myarrylist.Add(values); } MSG.Text = Myarrylist.Count.ToString();
  3. thanks,shall i take exception number like err.number in VB
  4. okeythanks my friendursraviprakashg
  5. yes,when i add a new record the datagrid should show the new one also, iam not adding new row to dataset but in database, also if some one add the record in another machine that also should be added in my grid
  6. dear friends,how can i find the primary key or unique exception in catch block of my C# code, i am using SQL server 2000 for databasethanksraviprakashg
  7. Dear friends,i want to know how to Refresh the Dataset or Datareader when my database got new record, i am using C# as codebehindthanks in adv.
  8. hi, friendsits possible to use variables deleared in C#(Codefile) in javascript (<script tag> in .aspx page)thnx in adv.urs raviprakashg
  9. Dear friend,i have Creates a Class file "Class1.vb" in an Asp.Net Project Using VB Script/ Language But I Can'nt able to Call the Class in My Form The List ( By Pressing ctrl + Space Bar) Dosen't Show the Class File, Whaty Whould be the Problem and What are the thinks I have to Check?Thanks ursraviprakashg
  10. Dear Friends,i have a refreshing problem with Usercontrol or MaseterPagres.maser What actullay happening is, The Page Dosen't Refresh when i made changes to the MasterPage or Userecontrol, Ihave to Refresh evertime or i haveto Submit it to View the Changes, i dont to the problem is Please Help me :)Thanksursraviprakashg
  11. Dear FriendsThis is My XML file <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?><rootLevel><Table> <Level id ="1"> 1 <Link Id ="HomePage.aspx">Home</Link> <Link id ="PlaceOrder.aspx"> Order Entry</Link> <Link id ="OrderStatus.aspx">Order Status</Link> <Link id ="My Task.aspx">My Task</Link> </Level></Table><Table> <Level id ="2"> 2 <Link Id ="HomePage.aspx">Home</Link> <Link id ="PlaceOrder.aspx"> Order Entry</Link> <Link id ="My Task.aspx">My Task</Link> </Level></Table><Table> <Level id ="3"> 3 <Link Id ="HomePage.aspx">Home</Link> <Link id ="My Task.aspx">My Task</Link> </Level><Table><Table> <Level id="4"> 4 <Link id ="Logout.aspx"> Logout</Link> </Level> </Table></rootLevel> Now what i want to do is, i have to take Only the Set of Information Under the Level 1 If my QueryString Passes Value 1, and i use Datarepeter to display the set of Infortmation in that i Use HyperLink, So Shall i have to take the ID of <Link> as URL to NavigateUr Help is highly needthanx in Adv.ursRaviprakashg
  12. Dear FriendFine,great and Thnx VerymuchI worked with it, but the display format of wordfile are not appears in Richtextbox, How to bring Appearence of word file into Richtextboxand also i can't able to give Both Bold and italic for selected text, it take only bold or italic (if i click bold when italic is on then italic will goes off)How to set both italic and bold for selected text Solution Pls?URSraviprakashg
  13. My Button Tag "<asp:Button ID="Button3" runat="server" Text="Show Calendar" Font-Names="Verdana" Font-Size="7pt" Width="96px" />"My Calendar Tag <asp:Calendar ID="Calendar1" runat="server" BackColor="#FFFFCC" BorderColor="#FFCC66" BorderWidth="1px" DayNameFormat="Shortest" Font-Names="Verdana" Font-Size="8pt" ForeColor="#663399" Height="200px" NextPrevFormat="ShortMonth" ShowGridLines="True" Style="z-index: 100; left: 440px; position: absolute; top: 120px" Width="220px" Visible="False"> <SelectedDayStyle BackColor="#CCCCFF" Font-Bold="True" /> <TodayDayStyle BackColor="#FFCC66" ForeColor="White" /> <SelectorStyle BackColor="#FFCC66" /> <OtherMonthDayStyle ForeColor="#CC9966" /> <NextPrevStyle Font-Size="9pt" ForeColor="#FFFFCC" /> <DayHeaderStyle BackColor="#FFCC66" BorderColor="White" BorderWidth="1px" Font-Bold="True" Height="1px" /> <TitleStyle BackColor="#990000" Font-Bold="True" Font-Size="9pt" ForeColor="#FFFFCC" /> </asp:Calendar>
  14. Dear Firends,Please Tell me How to Dispaly a office document Like (.doc,.txt,.xls ect) Files into Richtextbox Control in VB.Netit is possible or not, if yes pls Suggest me how to do itthnxursraviprakashg
  15. Dear Friends,How to Get Screen Position of an Object like Button, Textbox ectI got two Buttons Called "Show Calendar For Order "and "Show Calendar for Delivery" and i have ASP.Net Calander. I want to Show(popup) the Calendar near to the Button i clicked, if i Clicked First Button The Calendar Should Display near or Below First Button and it should be happen for second button too.i think u have understand my Querywaiting for ur valuable reply thnxursraviprakashg
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