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  1. I'll look up unordered lists again. (So easy to forget things when you're not doing this on a regular basis.)I need to look at div labeling as well, because I can see how that would work, but I need to have it in front of me so my brain kicks in on that point. I'll try to get to these this week and post back.Thank you for taking the time to clue me in.
  2. Hi folks, I know it's been forever and a day since I've been around here. Life has been very busy and I've not had a lot of time to work on my project site nor been able to learn how to fix a few things still driving me batty. But this last weekend, I managed to steal some time, and I've tweaked a bit here and there.The site is: http://www.comicsgal.comMy biggest headache right now is the spaces caused by using <p> </p> in order to stay compliant with XHTML. I don't want the spaces above and below the red line dividing the top links from the body with the three divs. I tried pu
  3. I noticed you changed the color on the logo, which works. (I didn't like the option 2 with the olive because it looked way military.) However, the drop down for Advanced is still coming up in the olive, which makes it look a bit odd color wise. The contrast is there, but it's just not sitting right with me. Definitely looks clean design wise, the few sites I tried seemed to go through. I did put in one bogus just to see what would happen, and the error message stayed at the top, just under the header bar for the entire time I was in there. (Like if I used the back button to go to another
  4. Ok, I'll throw a hook in here. And for those who have seen my oh so here and there posts know, I am a n00b and don't know a heck of a lot about server side or some of the proper terminology here.I don't know how large your site is overall. Although I saw your Alexa rating, for whatever that's worth, it doesn't really give me an idea of your storage or bandwidth usage either, so it's tough to say whether you're going to find something comparable price wise, even with shared. However, if I assume that because this isn't a mondo heavy graphics site, and although there's probably quite a few mo
  5. Skemcin: It's a brand new site. Normally, I'll just build the site offline, and when it's done, I'll go live with it. But because I was looking for input/help, I originally had a "coming soon" page on the main, and then a /new folder for the project site. I honestly don't remember why I got rid of that coming soon page and just moved it all up one. I've not tried to do a blog offline yet. After this episode, if I do another new site that needs blog content up and ready for the launch, I will most definitely be doing that instead. Like I said, since I already have the links coming in, d
  6. Good thoughts all around! Thank you. :)I did add a subtle notice (this is so not the blinking sign the size of a watermelon type page), had enough time to edit a placeholder on the blog into another review, and also fixed some links on the left hand column as they now have a home to go to.http://www.comicsgal.comSimple, but true, and letting them know one thing to look forward to, at least, if not two. The update notice in the upper right hand corner should be helpful for return visitors to know whether there's something new to look at, yes?
  7. Since checking where I fit in on the scheme of Google (no meta yet, and haven't even linked to hardly anyone), I thought maybe I should check my stats. Well, it's not just W3Schools folks checking my site anymore. Apparently due to some of the posts I've been building on my blog as I've been working on my new project site, that site is already getting picked up and linked to.I currently have no formal coming soon/under construction notice on my site--and I don't want people to think I'm just a ninny, especially because the latest version is the one w/o absolutes, and I haven't fixed the di
  8. Thank you Jonas. Good to know.Akula, I used my GW Guild site like that when I was first experimenting with gif overlay and my first background image. So long as what you learned is still viable, it's not a waste, although I can see how you'd feel that you got nowhere with it.
  9. croatiankid: ok thanks...I'll do that.Prateek:Where are you finding the 500 error? When I go to the site, it seems to be up, blog's up, and of course any pages I haven't built yet just aren't there (*edit* all but two should be 404 on blog with the left hand links), but I'm not seeing the 500 anywhere. I'll check again. Please post the URL to where you're getting the 500.*edit* Ok, figured out the problem...I deleted that version...used to have a coming soon on the main, but it's just up on the main and beyond now. I'll change the link in my first post on the thread.
  10. Ok...I'm getting back around to working on this again. I'm going to take a stab at it with some of the suggestions and post back with how it goes.Thanks for all the tips! Hopefully more positive result input back to ya'll soon.croatiankid: inline meaning in the html, yes? Just want to make sure I'm understanding that right before I attempt to commit it to memory.
  11. Speaking of picky, especially now that it's live, I said it once, I'll say it again about your about tab: should be I'm not seeing a mouseover change using IE 7 on your portfolio page. I know someone else mentioned this before, but I can't see it either.Ok, maybe this is a vocab lack on my part, but what does forms of programs mean in the following on your portfolio page? You mean as in "...all related programs to help you run..."? Or is this a reference to something I'm just not understanding as a wanting to learn more n00b? Other than that...looking good! And I was not familiar with g
  12. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who responded. :)Ironicly (ironically?), I already kind of did what many suggested--back off for a bit. When I wrote the start of this thread, it was after one of my long haul "Oh wait, maybe this will work" periods when you just sort of forget about sleep for a little longer than is sane. I need to go back to my old rule of never more than 10 hours of just site dev in a day, with breaks just like when I worked union stagecraft, and no meals in front of the screen. *laugh*The good news for me is that I really haven't given up, but gosh at that mo
  13. MR_CHISOL: I'm still not completey versed on all the quriks of the various browsers. Always something new to learn. I will try the negative margin thing again. I think I tried it before, and had trouble, but now I can't remember in which context. I think that was back when I was still mixing up my em and px. Jonas: thanks for the head's up, I will try to look at that info soon. So I guess since you can't apply the styles, it's best to always leave hr usage only for when you want a typical hr. But I'll look at the other info to try to find a way to do what I'm doing!
  14. I've been trying to do more research on this subject. Ultimately, although the img trick works, it does not validate. I have tried to embed the image both as a div, which was a downright disaster, and p-which pushed everything further down on the page, and in both cases, I am not seeing the results I want at all. When I place the image inside the p tag, though, it does validate, which was encouraging.From what I'm reading about divs, the align attribute has been deprecated there as well (so you can't even try to sneak in a justify), and I'm still not completely clear on how styles is replac
  15. Okies, I tried the img trick first only because I've played that game before, and I am also now back to fiddling with non-absolute mid columns due to yet another voice piping in that I should tend to that.Netscape liked it and was kind to my floating mid columns, it let me shrink the window vertically far narrower than I thought it would before the design klunkered out.Firefox liked not only the img, but also liked my floating mid columns just fine until I tried to shrink it down somewhat in the neighborhood of 800p, and then all chaos broke loose with the header falling downwards like Humpty
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