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  1. The voice aspect of it has nothing to do with how fast a persons internet connection is, the voice is handled by another application on the persons computer, such as the Opera web browser which has a voice option in it, however there are many voice programs out there. The developers at W3schools wouldnt need to read anything on their site that is handled by voice applications that users have on their own computers. Aside from that What i was talking about is having a tutorial on xhtml + voice or voiceXML, they have all the other major varieties of XML, voiceXML is very important as well. Desig
  2. having xhtml+voice tutorials would be a good thing to ad, you have everything else for the most part.
  3. I use the internet for free at the library, it would just be nice to use the tutorials at home, but i realize now they cant do that because they need the advertising revenue to keep the site open and free.
  4. It would be great if all of your tutorials could be downloaded and saved on my system. I dont have the internet at home i just use the library or cafes with my laptop, but it would be nice to do these tuturials when i am at home or just to have them on my system as a reference. Having the references downloadable would also be just great. If they already are in some way then my apologies i havnt seen any download link anywhere.Thanks alot
  5. You can use a textarea like<textarea rows="10" cols="50"></textarea>
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