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  1. Hi, i need help for this error, I keep getting this error -->> "Unable to get value of the property 'innerHTML': object is null or undefined" when am running the program in IE & nothing is running in other web browsers... Below is the javascript (JScript.js) code: var output = document.getElementById('output'), pressed = {}; window.onkeydown = function (e) { if (pressed[e.which]) return; pressed[e.which] = e.timeStamp;}; window.onkeyup = function (e) { if (!pressed[e.which]) return; var duration = (e.timeStamp - pressed[e.which]) / 1000; output.innerHTML += '<p>Key ' + e.which + ' was pressed for ' + duration + ' seconds</p>'; pressed[e.which] = 0;}; Here is my asp code (test.aspx): <html><head><title>XXX</title></head><body> <h1>Keystroke Dynamics</h1> <p>Try pressing some keys on your keyboard ...</p> <script type="text/javascript" src="JScript.js"></script> <div id="output"></div></body></html> May I know the problem that cause this error & how can I correct it?? I tried the same program in php and it works but not in asp.net 2010...Thank you...
  2. Thank you sir,I have this idea to apply keystroke dynamics authentication by using text password. I would like to write a program that can capture my keystroke style and save it in database, timing is involved because people might press the keyboard keys differently while typing their password. So, I can compare my keystroke style with other users to see if they can impose me even they know my password....
  3. Hi, I'm newbie & just have self-learning a few weeks ago...I've tried to understand how to implement my idea into asp.net vb programming & javascript. I've done all parts except the keystroke part.I would like to calculate the keyhold time of a keypress in ms & also the inter-key latency time between 2 keys. The idea is as below:key 'A' is pressed (keydown) - record keyhold timekey 'A' is depressed (keyup) - record keyhold timekey 'A' is pressed & key 'B' is depressed - record inter-key latency time And also, I need ideas how to put my keystroke data into database. Should I record the key character also??Example: A.down.time || A.up.time || A.B.timeWhat do you think is the simplest way to do as I'm a beginner... Tq. . . v()//
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