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  1. I want to append rows from one table to another, however, I want to be able to check a specific row to make sure there aren't duplicates. FirstName LastName VINPeter Smith WDD1Jon Doe WDD2 FirstName LastName VINNAlex Taco WDD3Peter Smith WDD1 For exampled, I'd want to append those two tables together so that it would consist of only three rows (i.e. by not appending the duplicated Peter Smith entry. I'm using this statement as of now: INSERT INTO TableOneSELECT * FROM TableTwo WHERE VIN <> VINN ... However, this asks me to enter a parameter value for VIN. Thanks fo
  2. I just solved my problem with this changed set of code: ' Create SubmissionAuthorDetails element' root.appendChild dom.createTextNode(vbNewLine + vbTab) Set node = dom.createElement("SubmissionAuthorDetails") Set frag = dom.createDocumentFragment frag.appendChild dom.createTextNode(vbNewLine + vbTab + vbTab) frag.appendChild dom.createElement("EPAManufacturerCode") frag.appendChild dom.createTextNode(vbNewLine + vbTab + vbTab) frag.appendChild dom.createElement("SubmissionAuthorUserID") frag.appendChild dom.createTextNode(vbNewLine + vbTab + vbTab) frag.a
  3. I need to create a list inside of a list in an xml file such that it looks like this: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?><InUseVerificationProgramSubmission xmlns="http://www.exchangen...a/verify/iuvp/1"> <SubmissionAuthorDetails><EPAManufacturerCode>MBX</EPAManufacturerCode><SubmissionAuthorUserID>CETNAR712</SubmissionAuthorUserID><SubmissionAuthorFullName>Mr Charles Cetnar</SubmissionAuthorFullName><SubmissionAuthorEmailAddress>charles.cetnar@daimler.com</SubmissionAuthorEmailAddress><SubmissionAuthorPhoneNumber>7349
  4. I'm using VBA to export to an XML document using a schema provided by EPA. However, they created a separate schema to declare elements and are 'including' the separate schema into the root schema. The problem is that now Microsoft Excel 2010 has update security settings to the property ResolveExternals such that "in MSXML 6.0, the default setting is False. If this property is set to False, no external includes and imports will be resolved." Link to the ResolveExternals property page:http://msdn.microsof...3(v=vs.85).aspx So now when I'm trying to use the same VBA code, I get an error complaini
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