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  1. <!DOCTYPE html><html><body onload="myFunction()"><p id="demo"></p><script>function myFunction(){ var y = new Array(); var minutes = 1350 * 80; var hours = minutes * 40; var days = hours * 20; var years = days * 365; var d = new Date(); var t= d.getTime();//hours var w = Math.floor(t/(1350*80*40)%20);//minutes var x = Math.floor(t/(1350*80)%40);//seconds var v = Math.floor(t/1350%80);//milliseconds var u = Math.floor(t%1350);//days var y = Math.floor(t/(1350*80*40*20)%365+19);//years var z = Math.floor(t/(1350*80*40*20*3
  2. <p> </p><div><!DOCTYPE html></div><div><html></div><div><head></div><div><script></div><div>function startTime()</div><div>{</div><div>var s=Math.floor(new Date()/1350);</div><div>var m=Math.floor(s/80);</div><div>var h=Math.floor(m/40);</div><div>var today=Math.floor(h/20);</div><div> </div><div>// add a zero in front of numbers<10</div><div>m=checkTime(m);</div><div>s=checkTime(s);</div>&
  3. well, i found a way to make the program work in javascript, however, it shows as to how many Hours, Minutes, and Seconds since 1-1-1970, i however, now all i need to do is break that down to show the current time, not the difference between now and 1-1-1970
  4. well, those numbers that i mentioned before were example numbers.The time frames that i would be using isHours=1-20Minutes=1-40Seconds=1-80Milliseconds=1-1350the start date of the year is March 21, while the end date of the year is March 20, and while those days would coincide with today's date now since the time frame is maintained at 86,400 seconds, or 86,400,000 milliseconds, the only thing that would be truly changed is how many hours are in a day, how many minutes are in a hour, how many seconds are in a minute, and how many milliseconds are in a second
  5. the only way i can see that the day correlation would be changed in that aspect would be to manually change each day to the desired specified day
  6. to both questions the answer is no
  7. question is, how....could you show me an example??
  8. this is a personal side project of mine, i am trying to change the time constraints of the hours, minutes, seconds, as well as change the start of the year to whatever I want it to be. ie days are 35 hours long, hours are 92 minutes long, minutes are 16 seconds long, and seconds are 200 milliseconds long, and the start of the year is February 29th is the beginning of the year in corralation to today's date, and have all of this done in the 24 hour time format where when the program first loads it works i would like to have this done in JavaScript, can someone help me??
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