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  1. You can actually post as long as you like as long as it makes sense and is, as you said valuable. I wont disagree with you on that. and you have a good point there. But there would be a lot of people, that would just post for the sake of posting alone, just to increase thier post count. and also just to be noticed.ten thousand post are useless if all of it does not make sense at all. I hope its clear now.Posting==helping. So post all you like. Just make sure it makes sense.
  2. Guys, could you help me with this?I have this habit of trying out multiple background image in a webpage i am creating, seeing if which background image work best with the page. I am creating a function which i could simply add to any webpage that would dynamically change the background once i click on a thumbnail image.Heres how i want it somehow to work:There would be a folder where i would simply add my background-images. These images would then be displayed in thumbnail size on top of the page i am testing. Once i click on an image, it would automatically change the background-image to the image i clicked. Sort of changing background-colors, but only using images instead. And also, i want it to be automatically displaying images i added/removed from the background images folder. Meaning, i dont have to edit the code anymore, i would just simply add new or delete some images, and the function will only show images available in the folder.And heres how i did it.I used two files. list.txt and index.php.Firstly, everytime a user opens index.php a switch function is written to the text file similar to this: switch ($x){case 'bg001.jpg':echo'<body background=bg/bg001.jpg ></body>';break;case 'bg002.jpg':echo'<body background=bg/bg002.jpg ></body>';break;} The list.txt is re-written everytime the page is refreshed.Then i would include list.txt in index.phpafter that, the function would automatically echo links for the images similar to this: <a href=index.php?link=bg001.jpg><img width=20 height=20 border=0 src=bg/bg001.jpg></a><a href=index.php?link=bg002.jpg><img width=20 height=20 border=0 src=bg/bg002.jpg></a> So everytime i click on the link the background image changed to the image i clicked/selected.It worked fine. but how can i eliminate list.txt? I am apparently new/beginner to php. I'm still learning it. please be nice. Is there something wrong with how i wrote the code?
  3. i'd play it safe and join the majority ---> .php
  4. louie

    PHP forum code

    Uhm, maybe you should just sign-up in a website that offers FREE forums. I think that there are a bunch out there. You dont need to install/download anything. They set it up for you. In a few clicks, you can have your own forum. I figured, that even if you got your code, you still have to upload it on a webhost and you need to buy a domain for it. It will cost you some money.But if you already have a webhost/domain, you could/should check its features if it has preinstalled forums. If your using CPANEL, you can see this in fantastico. installation is very easy. Otherwise, try contacting the support team of your webhosting company and inquire about this.Hope it helps.
  5. A lot of questions asked here in this forum can be answered simply by reading the tutorials, and most often what people are asking are actually examples in the w3school main website. Some questions are even extremely similar, but yet people ask the same questions all over again.That "please-read-the-tutorial-first" message pinned at every forum apparently DOES NOT work.I firmly believe that this forum is created to answer questions that the w3schools main website does not answer.I do not have a solution for this. But this would just serve as a precaution. Because basically when this forum grows. Then a lot new topics will be started.Then probably, we will be reading a bunch of repetitive questions being asked all over and over and over again.And please forum members, please dont post for the sake of increasing your post count. Post for the sake of answering questions being asked.And if you wish to promote your website here, we cant/wont stop you with it, but please do it in an ETHICAL way. There is no excuse for not having any manners/ethics.And lastly, this forum, in my humble opinion, is used for answering questions (or some code snippets) not for asking for full/complete scripts.This is just my opinion. You might think i'm wrong, but really i think i am right with this one. You just have to agree with me here.
  6. I would rather be quite than talk something i know little about.
  7. louie

    FLASH Versus HTML

    Well, i have to agree with you there.
  8. louie

    HTML to Text

    ...or if you have already downloaded the webpages, you can install a "Tag remover" software. It removes everything in the page related to HTML.
  9. louie

    .hta access

    i already hav apache installed. im asking if there are other ways... (aside from installing XAMPP)
  10. louie


    uhm... firstly, maybe you should use css for setting background in a page <style type="text/css">body{ background-image: url(background.gif); background-color: #000000;background-repeat: no-repeat}</style> Put that code between <head></head> or you can put it in an external css file.The background-color property will serve as the fail safe if ever ur background image fails to load. it is advisable to do this. trust me.The background repeat property will let you specify how the background image will be repeated. here we set it to no-repeat meaning the background will not be repeated or tiled whatsoever. If your asking how to make a small background go big or increase its size, for example make a 50x50 px background appear in the screen like it was 800x600 px then i dont think it is possible. There is no property for setting background width and height.The most that you can do is use a larger image.To read more about backgrounds click this ---> http://www.w3schools.com/css/css_background.aspHope it helps!
  11. louie

    .hta access

    Is there another way?
  12. louie

    PHP scripts and software!!

    Where do you want to use this login script for? If you wanna use it for a forum / blog / cms. i think its prebulit when you download the application/software. Read the manual. But if your creating something totally different and original, then you need to study the required languages/scripts for it. Login scripts must be secure and must be well coded, yah know! and i think the process of coding it is fairly complex.
  13. louie

    .hta access

    I pretty much know how to play with .ht access in my online webhost. But the thing is, i wanna make it work in my own apache server in my hard drive offline. I dont really know how to do this for it is only a file extension, and windows requires a file name. Will it work in my offline localhost? havent tried it yet. help.
  14. There is a printer friendly page of each tutorial. scroll down below. you will find it there. The one with the printer icon. I dnt think there is a downloadable PDF version of the tutorials, though.
  15. louie

    Protecting CSS files

    i think somehow i found what im looking for. http://www.rlrouse.com/html-encryptor.htmlIt uses javascript. And you can encript not just css... They can still view/save the css file but in an encripted format and i dnt really think they can edit it that easily because they have to decrypt it first. But maybe there is still a downside.there is also an offline version for it.Tell me what you guys think.
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