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  1. What's the problem with WordPress? It will do exactly what you want it to do, and is highly extensible to include all the features you want without a massive amount of coding on your part. It is SEO friendly out of the box, and if you add in the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast, it's even better. It does URL rewriting as standard, is easy to update and extend, has contact form plugins, is easy to add images to, allows quick changes, has HTML5/responsive themes available and is hack proof (if you update and use security plugins). Why would you not want to use WP?
  2. There is no problem using a table if, you know, it's an actual table, so the product description table is fine. But the rest of your content is also in tables which is not good. To be honest, I thought people stopped using them years ago! Based on your current code, the only thing you need to do to center this product description table is this: <table width="700" border="2" style="margin:0 auto;"> Give that a whirl, and spend a bit of time looking into actual HTML/CSS layouts. Tables are for tables, not layouts!
  3. Oh, well the buttons were linking to binarymoon.co.uk!
  4. Responsive designs is all about using a flexible grid for your web design and using CSS media queries which will change the design as the browser size increases/decreases. Before you start, it would probably be an idea to read the article that started it all: http://www.alistapart.com/articles/responsive-web-design/ There are dozens of boilerplate responsive templates you can use to start with and tweak to fit your own site. Here are some of my favourite frameworks that are responsive out of the box: http://www.getskeleton.comhttp://lessframework.com/http://foundation.zurb.com/http://cssgrid.
  5. All you have to do to center them is apply text-align: center; to the <p> which surrounds the buttons. You could do it inline, or by adding an ID/class and including the rule in your CSS file. Are you using Dreamweaver in the Visual mode? I only ever use it in pure code so I know what's going on. All you need to do is edit the code inside the <a href="your-url-here.com">. What's your relationship with Binary Moon (if any)? I've been a big admirer of Ben's work for a long time.
  6. For a really simple way to do it, you could just add float: right; to the halloween54.gif image with the inline styling. Like this: <img src="halloween34.gif" width="129" height="200" alt="HAPPY HALLOWEEN" title="HAPPY HALLOWEEN" style="border:0px solid black; float: right" /> As your pages grow though, you might find that inline CSS makes your code too bloated and hard to manage. It would be better to add class="alignright" to the <img> element and in your stylesheet specify: .alignright { float: right; } This means you can add class="alignright" to anything you want to
  7. Do you mean the Headlines section with the thumbnails that control the larger featured post? That looks like a custom made jQuery function to me. If you're new to coding and want something easy to use with WordPress then check out the Flexslider from WooThemes. Here's a link to an example of something similar to the All Hip Hop example (only better, in my opinion!): http://flexslider.wo...controlnav.html Edit: they also have a WordPress plugin you can use to make it even easier, but it's not free ($29): http://www.woothemes.com/products/wooslider/
  8. Just remove the display: block; line in your CSS on line 5. Attached new files for you. main.css buttons.html
  9. Alright gang! Just a quick post to introduce myself. I'm Ian, from Nottingham in the UK. Bit of a web tinkerer/breaker of websites. Over the years I've built a lot of WordPress themes, templates and different kinds of sites (some that I give away too). I'm looking to hone my skills, maybe help a few folks out and just meet some like-minded folks to talk to (my wife switches off the second I talk about PHP arrays - funny that!). See you in the forums Ian
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