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  1. Hi, As the others have said it looks very amateurish. My advice would be to start over again.Dump the frames, format with CSS or even tables/spacer.gif. Small menu to the left to select game type and buy money.Images to link to games next to each other (no one likes to scroll) At the most open new windows for the games and get rid of the pop-ups. Some kind of rollover to describe the games?It would be an idea to do the whole site using Flash IMO.
  2. The mountain is Blencathra in the English Lake District. It is one of the most famous rock scrambles in the Lake District.Blencathra.orgat summitpost.orgNeil.
  3. Hi, just put it together this afternoon after studying the CSS and HTML tutorials on W3Schools. I did use some code from the CSS examples but had to mess around a lot to make it look the same in firefox and IE.Any comments welcome.My WebpageI'm going to try copying another website just for practice with CSS tomorrow, so I'll post that one too later this week.Style sheet attached.Neil. mystyle.css
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