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  1. Alright, decided to just use models for placeholders since you guys can't reference my models. The code I have so far. Currently it just loops on until infinity. =(
  2. So just to clarify, I know the parts that I need. Do loop for replayInput box for player one and two.Conditional statements for names of player choice (Rock, paper, scissor) plus models for each choice.Loop around input boxes for verification of correct input.Conditional statement combinations to determine winner.Variables for storing user input. I'll be trying to put it together, just, like I said, I'm usually better at taking code apart and altering it than building it from scratch.
  3. So simply put, I want to make a simple 'rock paper scissors' two player game that populates models I've made for each part, determine who's won and say so at the end. It's going to require a yes/no box for a player to say if they want to play, the input box, a loop to make sure the user puts in a valid choice fr 'rock, paper or scissors', the statement that populates the model, a bunch of conditional statements to determine the win/loss/tie combinations, and if possible a tally at the end and a replay option. I know basic vbscript so if stuff is posted, I can probably understand it, but I've never been very good at making the scripting myself from scratch. Any help would be appreciated.
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