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  1. A big thanks to you Foxy Mod, i really appreciate this information you just gave me. Its just that am used to XHTML and now i don't seems to know what HTML5 is all about, but with this, i think am to learn this HTML5 in no time. Thanks once again
  2. Hello fellow web developers, i will like to know the best and advisable technology to use among XHTML, DHTML and HTML5. Also, my problem is, am used to XHTML and because HTML5 is yet to be standardized, i still find it so difficuly to understand it, please any suggestion or recommendations will be highly appreciated Thanks Weezy
  3. anytime i encounter web developer that loves to do coding in the standardized manner, it alway makes me feel happy.. Well, 1st, i think the first problem you ar having is syntax used in different technologies.. The governoring rules in each technology is so different but interwoven in nature, reason be that because, you can actually embed almost all web technology in a single web page, however, if you really have gone through all the web technology tutorials, then you shouldn't bn having any problem.. If you confused, start from the w3schools introduction of every tutorials.. I believe that wi
  4. Email me, wacsyboy@yahoo.com
  5. just finish checking you website, well, it seems you still need to learn alot about layout and styling can you please explain what you really want, so that i can put you through
  6. Normally, we have different types of end user, some ar just there to play with ones apps. My advice is to always validates both on the client and the server cause some end users are smart and they are familiar with web apps. And this is so because of some crazy forms that is too long for the user to fill, that's why most crazy end user normally submit crazy datas to the server, bypassing all the security on the client side. With this, please, always validate on both side. However, client validation is adviceable, because of overloading the server with lot of request Thus, Both is adviceable Th
  7. Good day Have been thing about how to let a particular CSS file works in all different type of screen size. However, i knew it can be done using JavaScript, but my problem is implementing it My Fellow Geeks, i did like to learn how to implement this Though, i can implement different style sheet in a single web page, but my problem is allowing the style sheet to work in full screen mode in all device. Please NOTE, am not having problems with mobile devices, am concern with real computer systems ThanksWeezy
  8. well well well, to me, using PHP and Javascript is the best.. PHP to select the CSS file using the include() or require() function Javascript to get the max width and max height of the device But my own problem is that i don't know how to implement getting the max width and max height using Javascript Thank Weezy
  9. It is better to use the empty() function of PHP to check for empty variable than using the !="";
  10. Have not been able to start a new thread, WHY?????

  11. I can't start a new thread, why my fellow geeks?

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