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  1. I like what you did, and I will definitely keep that mind for future projects when I don't have such a nightmare of equations. It looks sharp! I'm dealing with line after line of these - and to make matters worse, I am not the only one who will edit the files, a lot of beginners come in behind me and make changes from time to time. So, we'll just be sticking with the "/" for now - as long as the reader gets it, that's what counts. We used to use the entire image, but apparently that doesn't help with search engine results - I'm just a meager designer, not in charge of those big decisions Thanks again for all your help!
  2. davej - I appreciate your help, and yes, I do know how to make both the division symbol and a long line, and I often refer to the link you provided. I was hoping there was something I was missing in making the 'inline' horizontal division symbol, so it stayed nicely in place as opposed to taking up 2-3 lines, since often times there is a large chunk of text before and after the equation. As Foxy Mod noted, using a regular long line as you've shown displays the equation over two lines, which does not look good, since it is mid-sentence. After much research, the general consensus here is correct - there really is not an easy fix, and I don't run across it often enough to learn/buy Mathematica or other software, so I'll just stick with the traditional division symbol. Thanks for your help everyone!
  3. Hi all - I have searched the forums, tutorials and the web and I cannot find a good answer to this. I find plenty of HTML code for many math symbols, but I am specifically looking for one pictured (the long line) Thanks in advance for any help!
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