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  1. If it is just for a few band members you could save yourself the cost of hosting a database and just hard-code the member's login details into your PHP code... You could then store their profile pages in XML and use PHP's simpleXML functions to update their profiles when they submit an amendment form online. That's what I'd do anyway
  2. As far as I know, yes...
  3. have you checked that you don't already have free hosting provided by your ISP?
  4. When you click on one of the dropdown menus in IE7 you get the following error:Line 383Char 2Error 'document.getElementById(...)' is null or not an objectCode 0
  5. jah-dev

    IE 7

    http://tredosoft.com/Multiple_IE - works great. I'm running this on XP along with IE7 and no problems at all On a related note, I recently found a minor difference in IE6 run on Win2K and IE6 run on XP, so it just shows that it's best to test your website on as many machines as you can...
  6. jah-dev

    Web Statistics

    Visitor Segment Performance -> Network Location ... shows visitor's ISPs and can also help you identify yourself.Also, if you haven't already seen them, the Web Design Parameters in Content Optimization provide some very interesting reports
  7. There is no whois opt out for .com domainsSee http://www.visn.co.uk/whois-optout.html for more info...
  8. It's not free, but Viewlet Builder is excellent for this and has a free trial available for download...
  9. Site Name: FilmCritique.co.ukSite Description: Online database of film reviews and informationSite Owner/Developer: JAH Web DevelopmentSite Address: http://www.filmcritique.co.uk/Extra Comments: Still in early stages of development, but the design is complete and I've just added it to my portfolio. All constructive criticism welcome
  10. ooo... i knew i could do it with xslt but I didn't realise php could process xslt!excellent - thanks for your help both of you
  11. Hi,After a fair bit of searching, I'm pretty sure there isn't an easy way to do this...If I store the following tree in a simple xml object... <list> <object> <name>C</name> </object> <object> <name>A</name> </object> <object> <name>B</name> </object></list> but I need to sort <object> by the value of <name> before I output the data to the page... how can I do this?Thanks in advance for any help Julian
  12. jah-dev

    Domain Name

    Sorry... When I read I assumed you didn't have it installed.
  13. jah-dev

    Domain Name

    See http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.ph...ost&p=60142 for testing in older versions of IE...
  14. It doesn't look like this has been mentioned here so thought I would point you all to...http://tredosoft.com/Multiple_IEAn excellent install that puts IE versions 3-6 in a folder on your start menu. Very useful for testing purposes. Especially as IE5 still accounts for up to 5% of users...Also good if you want to laugh at how badly IE4 renders some modern websites
  15. "What can you expect we you hire me?"
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