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  1. Greetings! I have been working on the design for site-seo-analysis.com. It's practically finished and the algorithm is good to go. Please help me by providing some helpful criticism (design, functionality, or usability). The beta version banner is only temporary and I have to remove it The website analyzes web pages or websites with respect to search engine optimization ultimately hoping to help people rank their awesome websites higher in search engine results. Thanks for your help!
  2. I don't know what all you have tried, but PHP can dynamically generate the CSS. Maybe not the best solution, but the power of PHP is always neglected. For some reason, people believe that files have to be a certain type, but PHP files can output whatever you want. RSS feeds can even be PHP files that just output xml code. Anyways, I hope this idea helps.
  3. Save your money! Programmers love sharing their knowledge, maybe not their scripts, but they will share useful knowledge about the language. Type in something like JavaScript tutorials into Google. Of course, w3schools will top the list, but there are others as well.
  4. I personally like the website. If I was to offer any critique it would be to incorporate color. Sure, black, gray, and white is a cool monochromatic scheme, but why not highlight focus with some red or another color. What I mean is that there is nothing that particular draws my attention to where I should begin. Colors are perfect for that. Best of luck to you!
  5. Thanks a lot Coaxsist for the fieldset catch. I have built my own CMS that does miss a few things I am glad you enjoy it. That is precisely what I intended it to be. I want to speak as plain as possible and have the tutorials flow as if I am talking to you. I always wanted to be taught that way.
  6. Your post on Link: http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=44350 I saw that this thread is locked, but why do you not emphasis the order and structure that PHP classes provide? Not only does it help with order, but also provides the benefit of unit testing. I understand that this is so people can easily report issues. However, wouldn't it be more simple if they just told us what the class functions returned and then just showed their "view" code?

  7. woot woot! I was accepted as a member. I feel like I am part of some awesome club just because it is restrictive

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