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  1. Can't seem to change my icon. Weird.

  2. Hey, everyone. I'm new to the forums, but not to W3 Schools or programming in general. I've spent the past 3-4 days combing the tutorials for asp, asp.net, ajax, php, html5, cshtml, etc. and learned way more about each than I'm probably ever going to need. At this point, I'm only inches closer to completing my project than when I started looking through these (though I suppose I'm a better web dev for it), and there is only one question in my mind - which language should I actually be looking at to make this work? It seems to me after looking through each one individually that any language
  3. Hi, everyone! I'm a software / game dev by day, and comic artist / writer by night. I'm here to finally figure out web languages rather than just C#, Java, Python, etc. and find a profitable way to combine all my media of choice. Hobbies are dungeon mastering/game mastering and music theory. I'm also a girl. Lady nerds, unite! And the guys too! Let's all work together to make awesome code!
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