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    DJ centre script

    yes hi there sorry havent replied in a while but our website is http://epicfm.x10.mx/demo/ thats the website we are working on at the moment, and the server does allow logins please help
  2. djultra

    DJ centre script

    Hi there im looking for some sort of scriptWere we can have an image on our website that says DJ centreAnd when our DJs click that image a login box comes upFor username and password? So our DJs login to that then onceThey have logged in they can start to upload There banners/images when they go on air? Then when there due to go On air there banners/images shows up ontop of the media player. I don't know if this is the rite section for this But please help I have asked every were in different forumsBut I had some replys but not wat I needed.
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