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-------I am GOOD, I am BAD. I am ANGEL, I am FRIEND,I am BLACK, WHITE & GREY. I am EMOTIONAL, I am RUTHLESS & MOST IMPORTANT i am not SINGLE, nor i am COMMITTED , I am on RESERVE only for the one who DESERVES ----------


I am just other Girl With a simple heart & Behaviour ......

I am Very Friendly,Fun, Loving And Hard Working Person....Believe In My Self.Can dream out of the stream & Have courage to make a change in the world through my work and attitude... An ambitious girl since childhood. I like company of intellectual & fun loving people who wants to achieve success without ignoring their moral values.... For me, respect in every relation is most important. This is well described that " If U wanna be Respected, Respect others".....


Life has a great meaning in my little world.. I believe in valuing every bit piece that exists in this world.. in my life every emotions are count ... & every human heart should be valued ...i always try to live up to mantra in my life... MY parents & family are biggest strength and as well as weakness...........


I like to reading programming books and do some collection in my spare time,playing Badminton , Love making paintings, Cooking my food, Gossiping with my friends, Listening good music . Ambitions are still to be followed. Now also believe in dreams n trying to make them true... More strong dreams with a blend of soft ones...& I want to Become a Good Software Developer ........................
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