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  1. Thank you so much for your reply. Unfortunately, your solution produces the exact same result as mine. See here the two intended solutions: http://logicconsulting.net/Pages/nav.html You can see the center item aligns more closely to the left item, and the spacing between the three is not equal.
  2. hello all! i have a navigation structure that needs to be exactly 380 pixels wide, and contains 3 top level menu items. The left and right items need to be flush against their respective sides of the table. The center item needs to be equally spaced between the left and right items, not necessarily in the center of the 380 pixels. I've used a table as outlined below, but the center item leans towards the left, so the spacing is not equal on both sides. Currently, each table cell holds its own css ul dropdown menu. The content of these menus is managed by a CMS, so the text can change at a
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