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  1. Ya i know that bro....but i think guest can see my thread too as well if there any new register user from Mumbai will find my thread useful that's why i post... straight n simple check my post no #7 "& more then this answer my question from ur heart.. If u r finding someone to learn together are u going to post that ad on neighborhood bulletin board or telephone pole ??? i am not finding missing person bro. I am not desperate for anyone. Its just a simple thread to find some one who wants to learn together [ If Possible ]. I am not hoping any results from it & I am not stop learning c
  2. JACK_22

    Css Help again

    I think u have to use position for #DivMain #DivMain { background-color:White; width:928px; height:580px; top:200px; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto; position: absolute; Try to work on position n float properties as well only use external css file. why u r using inline style ??
  3. As u reply I just want to told u that i am not feeling insulted by any mean, why should i ? Who r u ? & Why should i feel insulted by ur useless post ?..... Its just a reply to ur useless, meaningless post n suggestion cause i though u thinks that u r over smart. Giving suggestions like this is either over smartness or foolishness. Another thing is i am leaving in Mumbai so i know how big Mumbai is & I think ur thinking is wrong. When things are bigger its really hard to get what u exactly want as well u can't trust any1 with blind eyes. Searching some one by posting ads on bulletin bo
  4. Check my 1st post I posted that Only post if u r really serious about learning scripting & my intention is clear n simple. Another thing is i posted this thread here cause i want to post it here. I will sign to a neighborhood bulletin board or telephone pole that's my problem & i think u don't have to worry about that so davej post is totally unneeded here but as he think is he is too smart he posted that post showing his unwanted smartness. See this is a first programing forum for me or not that's not a problem here & i am also going straight to the solution of a problem, without
  5. See this is what i am talking about..... I posted the simple topic to find some1 who wants to learn but some over smart members like davej always wants to ###### in every thread just to show how cool or smart they are by posting useless rude posts in every thread. Buddy Mod, I am new to this forum & not new to forum type. I am also mod, super mod on other forums so i know the rules too. Another thing is i am not even 1% rude. Check davej post & if u read it properly u will understand that he is not helping rather he is making fun out of me by posting "You might consider stapling a sign
  6. Now i understand how you reach 467 posts so Buddy stop spaming... U r not moderator here so mind ur own business. U don't have any rights to teach me. I know what i am doing that's why i post in General section & if u have any problem report it. I hope that my thread is not using ur pc hard disk lol... & if that so then please delete ur account.
  7. Hi all friend.. i am new here. I am from Mumbai & i have knowledge of HTMl and CSS & now i am learning JavaScript but It looks tough to me as i am not from IT or any language base education so if any one here from mumbai is in web designing & really wants to learn JavaScript or any other scripting language like php, actionscript then post here so if possible we going to learn together which going to give us some fun in learning. Only post if u r really serious about learning scripting... thanks.
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